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22ft Blackhawk Frame Rack Completely Refurbished
Great Opportunity - They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

Just $11,500 for a like new machine - Won't Last Long...

Comes with Two Air Jacks and 25 piece clamp board
Blackhawk frame machine
machine in it's lowerd position
3 towers for multiple pulling
22ft long machine
electric over hydraulic pump
all new hydraulic hose
3 pulling towers stacked
OEM bolts
new control valves
rebuilt hydraulic rams
simple one button operation
lift ram is 15 tons

Kansas Jack – Blackhawk auto body frame machine. Professionally Refurbished.

One of the best machines ever produced. Best steel, best craftsmanship, they do not make them like this anymore.

20 foot long, 3 towers at ten ton each (Can use all 3 on a pull together!) 360 degree rolling.

This machine can be set to Various Working Height Levels as both sides raise and lower. It can also be used as a one side tilt machine.

Complete with OEM ramps and pinch weld camps, all new grade 8 bolts, nuts and springs on clamps.

All 5 cylinders have been taken out, professionally rebuilt and bench tested.

Every single inch of hydraulic hose is replaced new with 10K PSI jack hose.

The best feature of this machine is how we set it up with a brand new electric hydraulic pump. This replaces the wonky double foot pedal pumps used for raise lower, and a pump for each tower, now it is centralized. We also have the pump setup to power the towers! So you can actually hook up all three towers and make one pull in 3 angles! The towers are isolated with ball valves, the raise lower also uses the electric pump and is isolated with simple ball valves. This eliminates the costly and unreliable solenoid valves.

Electric hydraulic pumps are quicker, quieter, require less maintenance then air pumps. They also are virtually maintenance free and last a very long time. We customized a really nice cabinet for the control center and tested the machine extensively for leaks and functionality.

We removed the air pistons that operate the raise lower locks and cleaned them, polished them and are perfect.

This is a great machine for larger (And also smaller) vehicles as pick up trucks, vans etcetera.

The cylinders are American made Enerpac brand which are rebuildable over and over and just keep going.

We painted the top plate with oil based paint, hardner and a non slip additive for safety.

This is a very affordable way to get into a machine that been gone over totally for a very reasonable price.  we refurbish over 30 machines each year, we are a distributor for a globally known frame machine company, we sell many refurbs to a national chain store, so you can be confident you are dealing with a reputable company.

The tool package and air jacks lone are worth over $3000.

Included in price you will receive 1 air bladder jack and a complete 25 piece clamp and tool set, a holding chain package, and steel wall mountable tool boards. A complete ready to work package. We will warranty hydraulics for a 6 month period and will replace any defective components. We do not cover the labor to install parts for out of town buyers.

This Machine Won't Last Long

Like New - BLACKAWK 4000 World Rack
Professionally Refurbished & Refinshed
All New Hydraulics / Pulling Chains / Hoses / Better Than New
Includes Tool Board & 3 Stage Air Jack / Financing is available

Call For Details 305-793-9503

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