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GYSPRESS 10T Aluminum Self Piercing Rivet Gun Workstation

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns
GYSPRESS 10T Push-Pull Control Self Piercing Rivet Gun Workstation

GYSPRESS Push Pull Self Piercing Rivet Workstation

The FUSION of Imagination, Technology, Engineering, And The Desire To Create An Outstanding Cutting Edge Self Piercing Riveter Workstation Has Been Achieved by GYS International.

The Most Technically Advanced / Electronically Enhanced SPR Workstation Available For Modern Collision Repair Operations.

The GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun Workstation with Push-Pull Control advances SPR Riveting to a new level of advanced engineering and performance.

The following features and performance characteristics combined with the user-friendliness of this aluminum and steel self-piercing riveter workstation are second to none.

  • The 10T rivet gun workstation generates ten tons of easily adjustable precision force (+/-3.3%).
"You will never wish you needed more power"
  • Changing C-Arms is fast & easy.
  • The included gun stand conveniently positions the 10T riveter in an upright position for easy change-out of C-Arms and dies.
  • Two control buttons on the SPR gun: One for activating self-piercing rivet insertion & flow form rivets flattening. The 2nd button for opening the riveter or hole punch extraction.

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The GYSPRESS 10T Push Pull Aluminum & Steel Self-Piercing Rivet Gun Workstation.

The Self-Piercing Riveting Workstation Of The Future.                                        

Provides comprehensive electronic guidance through the setup of the rivet gun and
electronic control of the riveting process exactly as the car manufacturer requires.

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This cutting-edge SPR workstation provides you a place for everything and everything in its place.

Just roll the Workstation to the next job and start riveting with all accessories conveniently available.

The cabinet also provides enclosed shelf storage for additional supplies and accessories.

You will Agree, No other SPR riveting system compares to this state-of-the-art Workstation.

GYSPRESS 10T push pull self piercing rivet gun workstation
gyspress rivet gun workstation - optional accessories

  • *Optional accessories such as the award-winning Blind Rivet Adapter is available.
  • *Optional HR210 and HR310 long-reach arms.
  • The standard 10T Push-Pull die kit is included.

gyspress 10T synergic riveting workstation features
The user-friendly 5" Color display provides up-to-date vehicle data that guides the technician step by step through the proper setup of the riveter for the specific job. No guesswork saves time and a perfect setting of self-piercing or flow form rivets.

  • Riveting information is saved to an SD memory card, providing the traceability of each installed rivet. This information can be printed showing all details for each rivet installed.

  • This provides security for you and your business and shows proof of the professional quality of the repair that matches the car manufacturers' requirements.

SD card and USB drive stores riveting system data
Store all riveting data and system updates to SD card and USB drive when new updates are available. Repair verification printouts for all to see is a very powerful asset to your business.


SYNERGIC mode: The on-screen interface guides
the user to the dies to be used and the user to the dies to be used, as well as the required
force, depending on the type of rivet being placed.
  • Traceability: The machine can record riveting
operations for completely accurate traceability.
  • Playback recorded reports on a PC.

  • A built-in hydraulic pressure sensor enables the riveter to check that the required installation force has been achieved.
Tesla, VW Group, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar/Land Rover, General Motors, and more.

Reinforced casing and maneuverable trolley with
built-in shelved storage unit.
  • Spacer on the front wheels for increased stability.
  • Three integrated c-arm supports.

Watch This Amazing 10T PP Workstation Video
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