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Chief Frame Machine Clamps

Truck Anchoring

Chief Universal Frame Holding Clamp System

Don't pay for expensive hard to use frame holding clamps for your Chief frame machine. These J6 Chief frame holding clamps offer a better solution in every aspect of frame holding.

You will appreciate the quality and ease of setup the kmv clamps for Chief frame machines provide and you'll appreciate the increased profits you gain from these very cost effective frame clamps.

NEW Style Available Now

J6 Full Frame Truck Vise Clamps
Chief ez liner truck holding clamps by KMV

chief truck clamp features     

Practical and Very effective straight forward design means excellent and timely frame repairs and greater profits making these clamps an A+ rated product.
KMV Chief Frame Clamps Mounted On Truck
These are the most versatile and affordable Truck, Car & Suv
full frame anchoring clamps. Fastest Setup is your big benefit.
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