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ALLVIS CONNECT AVS-500 Auto Body Electronic Measuring System

Measuring Systems

ALLVIS CONNECT  AVS-500 Computerized 3D Electronic Measuring System
Now With Bluetooth Connect

ALLVIS AVS-500 Bluetooth Enabled Electronic Measuring Tram Gauge

The New Upgraded Point To Point System Now Provides Full Functionality For
Fast Bluetooth Connection - Measurements Automatically Get Sent To The Computer.

ALLVIS Connect Auto Body Measuring System
ALLVIS AVS-500 Being Used by Technician
The New Addition Of "Bluetooth Connect" is what our customers and auto body repair industry
and Insurance companies have been waiting for.

Manufactured by, JNE Safe Repair, Sweden.

ALLVIS AVS-500 In Custom Fitted Case
The Newly Updated Bluetooth Computerized Tram Gauge Has Arrived.
The ALLVIS CONNECT 3D Electronic Measuring System includes everything needed
to get your professional damage analysis and repair verification printouts in your hands
faster than ever before possible.

"The price will Amaze you".

Call For Pricing And Availability 305-793-9503
All measuring adapters are conveniently laid out in a deluxe custom case ready for one man
setup and measuring of all frame reference points chosen in the simplified software.

  • Now you can shoot the measurements directly to the Bluetooth software with the measurements
      ready to printout on your professional damage analysis report.

  • No other electronic measuring system compares to the convenience and affordability
      of the new Bluetooth ALLVIS CONNECT Computerized 3D Measuring System.

  • Repair documentation printouts will be in your hand quicker than ever before possible.
      The printed proof of damage will get you the labor hours you deserve for every structural repair.

  • Easily measure vehicles on your frame machine, on a two-post lift, or on the floor.

The ALLVIS CONNECT AVS-500 - Digital Tram Gauge provides technicians with
maximum production, accurate measurements and professional documentation, while
greatly enhancing your business and trust with customers and insurance companies.

The system comes with a huge vehicle measuring database of foreign and domestic vehicles.

Call for availability and an amazing offer

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