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CompuSpot MAX Spot Welder


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The CompuSpot MAX Is Most Complete Inverter Resistance Spot Welder Today

Compuspot 800 MAX Spot Welder
compuspot included welding guns
Compuspot Max Included Accessories
Tremendous Spot Welding Advantages

The Incredible Compuspot MAX inverter spot welder is the industry's One Of A Kind welding system that will enable any technician to chose any style gun that works best for the job

Includes All Industry Style Guns - The most complete spot welder available today.

Reach more welding areas with the choice of 4 connected guns for the fastest spot welding capabilities available today

Includes the Single Side gun with a full dent repair kit for all modern functions of
dent removal with wiggle wire, flameless heat shrinking, nut, washer, stud, slide hammer
and so much more
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