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GYSPOT PTI-s7 Premiere Inverter Evolution
Feature Rich Smart Technology And Car Manufacturer Approvals Providing Great Advantages For Your Business.
Check Out The GYSPOT PTI-S7 Inverter Welder
Compuspot Fusion Smart Spot Welder
Compuspot Fusion Smart Welder
The Industry's Top Value
Compuspot 900 Fusion - Features advanced cooling, Boasting up to 14,000 Amps, single-side welding & dent pulling. Comes complete, no extra purchases needed.
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GYSPOT PTI.G Inverter Genius
The Ultimate Spot Welder
Learn why the GYSPOT PTI.G Genius Welder Has Achieved The Category Leading Position In Spot Welder Technology. This automotive spot welder is technician friendly and approved by Mercedes Benz AG.
Learn More About The GYSPOT PTI.G Welder

GYS & Compuspot Spot Welders: The Best Choices for Auto Body Repair

When it comes to auto body repair, these spot welders stand out as the ultimate choices for professionals and enthusiasts alike. These top-of-the-line spot welders offer numerous advantages that make them the best option for automotive repair. Here are the key reasons why these Spot Welders are unbeatable:

• Cutting-Edge Technology:
  • These Smart Spot Welders feature state-of-the-art inverter technology, ensuring precise and consistent welding results. The Compuspot 900 Fusion is the Top-Tier smart spot welder from AMH Canada
  • Advanced microprocessor control provides unparalleled accuracy and ease of use.
  • The GYS Standout Welders are The Amazing GYSPOT PTI-G Genius, Followed By The PTI-S7 Smart Welder,

• Versatility:
  • These welders are suitable for a wide range of auto body repair tasks, from panel replacement to dent repair.
  • Various welding modes and adjustable settings cater to different metal thicknesses and repair requirements.

• Quality Welds:
  • GYS and Compuspot spot welders deliver high-quality, factory-like spot welds, ensuring structural integrity and safety of repaired vehicles.
  • The weld consistency and penetration reduce the risk of future corrosion or weak spots.

• Time Efficiency:
  • Rapid welding cycles and quick setup save valuable time in the repair process.
  • Minimized post-welding cleanup and rework streamline the workflow, enhancing overall efficiency.

• Energy Efficiency:
  • These welders are designed for energy efficiency, reducing operating costs over the long term.
  • Their low power consumption is environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly.

• Ergonomic Design:
  • User-friendly interfaces, ergonomic handles, and easy maneuverability make GYS and Compuspot welders comfortable to operate.
  • LED displays and intuitive controls facilitate hassle-free welding.

• Durability and Reliability:
  • These spot welders are built to last, ensuring a long lifespan and consistent performance.
  • Robust construction and high-quality components guarantee reliability in demanding repair environments.

• Safety Features:
  • Safety is a top priority with these manufacturers. These welders incorporate protective mechanisms to prevent overheating, overloading, and other potential hazards.
  • These safety features provide peace of mind for both the operator and the repaired vehicle's owner.

• Comprehensive Support:
  • GYS and Compuspot by AMH Canada offer excellent customer support, including technical assistance and spare parts availability.
  • Extensive training resources and user manuals ensure that operators get the most out of their equipment.

• Industry Reputation:
  • These resistance welders have a strong reputation within the automotive repair industry, trusted by professionals worldwide.
  • Their products have a track record of excellence and customer satisfaction.

In summary, These Spot Welder brands are the best choice for auto body repair due to their cutting-edge technology, versatility, quality welds, time efficiency, energy efficiency, ergonomic design, durability, safety features, comprehensive support, and a solid industry reputation. Make the smart choice for your auto body repair needs with these spot welder brands, and experience the difference in your work quality and efficiency.

Compuspot 800HF
Compuspot 900 Fusion Intelligent Spot Welder

900 Fusion "Smart Autobody Spot Welder"

The Top Of The Line "Smart Technology" Inverter Spot Welder with amazing power & capabilities - Sets all welder parameters Automatically, records pass or fail documentation of every spot weld with printout. Liquid Cooled. 230V Three Phase Power Required.
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CompuSpot 800HF Autobody Spot Welder
Offers extreme power and squeeze force needed for welding the advanced modern vehicle. A full assortment of electrodes is included up to 470mm for greater reach capability. Equipped with a full array of professional dent-pulling tools and supplies. Call For Price
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Approved Resistance Spot Welders Manufactured by AMH Canada

Meets & Exceeds Most Car Manufacturer Specifications In All Categories

AMH Canada has been a leading manufacturer of quality auto body welding technology for over 50 years.  Pro Line Systems International is proud to offer a wide range of AMH spot welders. With our free consultation, low-rate financing options, and best industry pricing, we make it easy for auto body shops to find the perfect spot welder for their needs. Plus, with AMH's 5-year warranty on all models, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of AMH spot welders for your auto body shop.

All Compuspot welding machines are sold as complete systems, with nothing else to buy.
These STRSW auto body spot welders include the industry's most efficient liquid cooling system for the best cycle times in the industry.
You also get the complete array of deluxe dent removal equipment that provides multi-functional
dent pulling operations to further boost your production.
All this at the best prices and the best warranty in the industry.  

FYI: Do you know when you should be using a spot welder instead of a Mig welder for safety reasons?

On our informative Blog post, we dive into when, where, and why you must use a spot welder
instead of your Mig Welder. Learn why using your Mig should be minimized for safe repairs.
Compuspot OEM Vehicle Manufacturer Approvals
Watch The ICBC Institute - Compuspot 800HF Spot Welder Approval Video

230V - 50Amp Single Phase Liquid Cooled Welding Solution
If you don't have 3-phase electrical service in your shop but need to spot weld - NO PROBLEM...
The Amazing One Of A Kind Liquid Cooled "Punto Plus" Comes To The Rescue

CompuSpot Machinery by AMH Canada LTD has been building quality welders for Automotive Manufacturing, Auto Body Repair Facilities, and Industrial Equipment manufacturers
for over 50 years.

Nationally known and worldwide companies have relied on AMH Canada for building their private label equipment. The AMH Brand products are used in many automobile manufacturer assembly lines around the world such as Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW, KIA, and Comil.

Free consultation is always cheerfully given.

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We are Authorized AMH Canada Distributors for Spectratek, Spectratherm, Compuspot, Ultramig, Blue Boy Benders, AlumAtech Aluminum Repair Station - CSA & CE Approvals - CSA CE & CCC Approvals

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