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Ford Approved CMO Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

Self Piercing Riveters For The FORD Approved Certified Repair Program.

The Only Self Piercing Riveters With Software Documentation.
"The Perfection Of Italian Engineering"  
CMO RV700 All Digital Self Piercing Rivet Gun
CMO RV-EP02 Ford Approved Self Piercing Rivet Gun
The CMO RV/EP-02 Ford Certified Program Approved SPR Rivet Gun
These CMO Riveters are the only machines that offer printable documentation software

CMO Riveter Ford & Aston Martin Approval Logos
The CMO RV700 is Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, & Land Rover Approved

Ford Approved self piercing rivet gun for aluminum and steel collision repair

  • Electro - Hydraulic Pump - 8 Tons Force
  • Automatic retract once set force is obtained
  • C-Arm grip handle
  • Optional Longer Reach C-Arms are available
  • Pressing time regulator
  • Complete Push Pull actuator
  • Rivet Removal Dies
  • Silent Operation
  • First of a kind - Complete traceability USB Software for repair documentation printouts
  • Portable use with 18V DC Lithium Ion Battery or via optional power network cable.

Ideal For Automotive Repair Using (SPR) Self Piercing Rivets, Flow Form Rivets.
Quality Engineered And Manufactured In Italy

CMO RV/EP-02 SPR Rivet Gun Features
SPR Rivet Gun Kit Accessories

*Optional Long Reach C-Arms - 130mm & 240mm
Optional CMO Riveter C-Arms

CMO - RV/EP-02 Ford Approved Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit - User Benefits

Electro-Hydraulic battery operated riveting system features
  • Ford Certified Repair Program Approved Self Piercing Rivet Gun
  • Strong light weight construction
  • Compression C-arm rotates 360°
  • USB Software verification provides SPR repair reports
  • Option of three different compression arms: 40mm (included) *130mm, *240mm * Optional
  • Weight 5Kg / 11lbs
  • 18V Lithium Ion battery and charger included
  • Set up to use rivet mandrills for Ford, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari, Porsche

Call For Availability And Best Price  305-793-9503

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The Amazing RV700

The CMO RV700 Electronic Controlled Riveter With Digital Riveting Technology

5 star rating by Ryan's collision service
Good product, easy to setup and start using. The digital operation is
impressive, we can see why Ford has approved the RV700
Ryan, Ryan's Collision Service - Joliet IL
5 star rated by Ryan
CMO RV700 Ford Approved Program Self Piercing Rivet Gun
CMO Rivet Gun Features
Quality Features & Benefits Of The CMO RV700
RV700 User Features
CMO RV700 Digital Electronic Control For SPR Insertion

Optional Ford Approved Self Piercing Rivet Gun Accessories

Extension C-Arms
RV700 Optional Blind Rivet And Nutsert Adapters
Blind Rivet And Nut Insert Attachment
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