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Instacure 500 UVLED Battery Operated Hand Held UV Curing Lamp

Paint Curing Lamps

Spectratek INSTACURE UVLED Hand Held UV Curing Lamp

The World's First Cordless Hi-Intensity UVLED Ultraviolet Curing Light

Instacure 500 UVLED paint curing lamp by Spectratek
Engineered / Developed and Assembled By The Leader Of The Industry
AMH Canada / Spectratek Division

Successfully Tested On UV Paint Products by Akzo Nobel, BASF, PPG, Axalta etc.
Experience Power & Productivity Like Never Before Right in Your Hand

Call For Introductory Price 305-793-9503

Instacure 500 UVLED UV Paint Curing Lamp
  • Freedom From Electric Cords / Rechargeable
  • High Performance LED Technology
  • Does Not Emit Harmful UVB or UVC Rays
  • Easy Access To Any Area Of The Vehicle

  • Manufactured by AMH Canada
  • Cures UV Sensitive Coatings in Seconds
  • LED UV Emitters Are Highly Efficient / Produce No Heat
  • Only Pennies a Day to operate
  • Highest Return On Investment
Instacure 500 UVLED Hand Held UV Curing Lamp Video
Hand Held UVLED Battery Operated UV Paint Curing Lamp by Spectratek
Product Advantages / This Is What The Instacure Hand Held Rechargeable Lamp Will Do For Your Paint Department Production

The Spectratek Instacure 500 UVLED Ultraviolet Curing Lamp Is the automotive industry's long awaited product of its kind, offering never before achieved speed in curing UV Undercoats, Clearcoats and Topcoats on auto bodies and industrial applications.

You'll experience total freedom and mobility from cumbersome electrical cords. Move quickly around the shop from one spot job to another drying them in record time. With the
long-lasting Li-Ion battery power and only seconds to cure the UV coat, your battery will last for days.

Advanced circuitry always maintains full irradiance even when battery is low.

You will be able to easily move the Instacure UVLED hand held rechargeable UV curing lamp with unobstruced positioning to any aera on the vehicle whether interior or exterior, under hood, trunk etc. with cure times easily achieved in seconds.

The ergonomic shape of the gun and balanced design provides the user with a no fatigue, comfortable and Safe UVA operation.

The Instacure 500 UVLED portable UV coating drying lamp will quickly pay for itself with the increased productivity you will experience as paint jobs are delivered to your customers in record time.  

Other Spectratek UVTEK LED Ultraviolet models are available for curing larger areas
Instacure UVLED information

Pro Line Systems International is an official distributor of AMH Canada products
Call For Pricing and Availability  305-793-9503

*instacure uvled are spectratek trademarks

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