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American Freedom Frame Machine
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EZ Frame Truck Clamps

Truck Anchoring

The EZ Clamp is the most feature rich easy to set up truck frame holding system available anywhere. Adapts easily to properly hold the Ford F-150 & F-250 trucks as well as any brand pickup.

Stainless Steel Hollow Point Grips Are Perfect For Aluminum Body Repair

EZ Frame Clamp Setup With Mobile Cart

The Highly Recommended EZ Clamp Frame Holding System Includes The Mobile Trolley.

There is a model designed to adapt to any frame machine you may have.

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EZ Frame Clamp For Truck Frame Repair
Easy Frame Clamps

FACT: Now you can set up a Truck or SUV as easy as a Unibody Vehicle.
It saves incredible amounts of repair hours and gives your shop a tremendous advantage to the challenge of full frame repairs.

"It Pay's For Itself In No Time At All"...

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The EZ Clamp Truck Frame Holding System will work with practically any frame machine - Here is just a few

Car O Liner Setup
Car O Liner & Chief
Global Jig / Car Bench
ez clamp for chief ez liner frame rack
Chief frame machines
Best Value And More Versatility Than Any OEM Products / Plus A Substantial Savings

EZ Clamp Systems Designed For Any Fame Machine And Any Truck - Adapts to all these platforms and more

Chief - Car O Liner - Star A Liner - Car Bench - Global Jig - Chassis Liner - Grabber - KJ - Chisum - Data Liner - American Freedom - Many More
Made In The USA
Check Out The Car O Liner Setup
EZ Clamp for Car O Liner frme rack
Click To See EZ Clamp Car O Liner Setup
EZ Clamp for Chief Frame Racks
EZ Clamp set up on fordf-150
Works With All EZ Liner Frame Machines

Cruise through the image gallery to experience how effective the EZ Frame Clamp product is on virtually any truck frame and practically any frame machine.

EZ Frame Clamp New 2016 Brochure

FORD F-150 EZ Frame Clamp Mounting Adapters

Latest Advancement...
*FORD F-150 EZ Frame Clamp Adapters. The new Ford trucks are creating serious challenges for the collision repair industry which up until now has required special equipment and procedures and a tremendous investment in time and money.

EZ Frame Clamps have been performing extremely well on all types of full frame trucks, and now with the introduction of the Ford truck adapters the bar has been raised. No removing the cab from the frame is required as the new adapters integrate as one assembly to hold frame and body Simultaneously as *Originally Proposed by Ford Motor Company. So fast, and so easy to set up you will be amazed and so will your bottom line.
*Do your own research for the latest guidelines by Ford for the suitability of the EZ Clamp system for the Ford certified repair program before purchasing.

EZ Clamp adapter for Ford F-150

The *Optional Ford adapter kit enhances even further the exceptional versatility of the system and assures the most adaptable and cost effective investment in present and future compatibility of vehicle design.  

Holds Frame & Body as *Originally Proposed by Ford. Stainless Steel grips assures no problems with aluminum panels.

Attention Please Read About the EZ Clamps

The EZ Frame Clamp System can be configured for any brand of frame machine. If you have several different brands of frame machines the SADL system will adapt to any platform and save you a huge amount of money.

Now One Anchoring System Fits All Your Different Frame Machines
"That's Very Smart"...

If you have a Car-O-Liner Frame Machine you'll benefit in several ways with the EZ Clamp Frame Anchoring Adapters For Car O Liner.  See the Car O Liner Set Up Here

Check Out The EZ Clamp SADL System
"The Ultimate" Truck Holding / Anchoring System.

Fits practically all frame machine brands - Now one frame anchoring system fits every machine in your shop.

EZ Clamp SADL Truck Anchor System
Shown With The Ford F-150 Clamp Adapters. The SADL System Will Adapt To Any Frame Machine. Car O Liner / Global Jig / Car Bench / Chief / KJ / Chassis Liner / Grabber / You Name It...

Click Here For EZ Clamp SADL Information

Reasons To Buy The EZ Frame Clamp System

  • Cuts SetupTime By 75%
  • Saves You $$$ Pays For Itself In A Few Frame Repairs
  • No Tool Boards Needed
  • Loads Into Many Existing Frame Machine Base Mounts
  • No Special Training Required
  • Fits Most SUV's - Small Frame And Full Frame Vehicles
  • Made With Tool Grade Steel And Stainless Steel Hollow Grips
  • US Patent Number  7,150,176,B2 / Proudly Made In The USA

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