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Allvis Light Measuring System

Measuring Systems

ALLVIS LIGHT 2D Measuring System
ALLVIS Light Measuring System components
Allvis Light Set Up on car inner measuring
Allvis Light Set Up Example

The ALLVIS Light is the economical 2D Version of the ALLVIS 3D


Fast set-up
• Simple, quick, Tech friendly
• Print measured values and save work orders to your computer.
• Great for estimating and repair
• Continuous update of new models in the database.
• Use on the rack, bench, floor system or lift.
• Measurement reports are easy to understand
• The program does not require Internet access, the database is stored locally on your computer
• Unique and patented magnetic attachment allows measurements to be carried out by a single tech

The Allvis Light Measuring System provides fast, simple, tech-friendly, length and width measuring with height comparison, on the printout and the capability to save work orders as e-files all at a very affordable price. This auto body mesuring tram gauge can take two comparative length, width, and height measurements during the initial estimating process, normally in less than two minutes, to help determine if frame damage is present.  

This Computerized 3D measuring system allows insurance companies and customers access to accurate documentation of measured values before and after the repair.

Allvis Measuring Systems are complete with measuring adapters, height rods, and accessories, delivered in a heavy-duty storage case.

Included Software, provides a 1-year vehicle database subscription, and instruction manuals are included.

Unlimited Tech Support by Our Expert Trainer is Included

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