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Dent Fix Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

Three Great Dent Fix ALUSPOT Aluminum Dent Repair Workstations
A Model For Every Need And Budget.

dent fix aluspot aluminum repair workstations

dent fix aluspot DF-900DX

Dent Fix DF-900DX
Ford Approved Aluminum Repair Station Includes everything you need is packaged in a ready to go turn-key system for immediate repairing of aluminum panels.
FORD & TESLA Approved. 5-Year Warranty

MSRP $9,636

Your Special Pro Line Systems Price $8,299

"All These Repair Tools Included"
With The Dent Fix ALUSPOT DF-900DX Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation
aluminum dent repair accessories
The Dent-Fix DF-900DX Deluxe Aluminum Dent Repair Station Includes everything you need to be packaged in a ready to go turn-key system for immediate repairing of aluminum panels. It's tested and Approved by the FORD and TESLA repair programs so you can feel highly confident making your purchase.

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aluspot df-900dxe workstation

All-Inclusive Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation generously equipped to meet any aluminum repair challenge. Satisfies Panel Repair Requirements For FORD & TESLA Programs.

5 Year Warranty

MSRP $10,770

Your Pro Line Special Price. $9,299

 Call Us: 305-793-9503

"All These Options Are Included"
With The Dent Fix AluSpot DF-900DXE Extended
Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation

DF-900DXE Extended Aluminum Repair Station
Aluspot DF-900DXE Extended - Includes the following:

Inline Pneumatic Paint Remover & Fiber Discs
Stainless-steel Shoe Handle Brush & Tooth Brush
Digital set temperature Heat Gun & Infrared Temperature Gauge
110v Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder (electrostatic type) with a self-contained weld gun with ground
Alu-Magnesium & Alu-Silicon stud pins
5 Drawers
Hand T-Puller, Squeeze Puller, Lever Puller, & Bridge Puller
Body File + 350mm Blade, Stud Cutter, & Safety Glasses
NEW! Solid Aluminum Head Hammers: Pick/Finishing (40mm round face), Curved Pein (40mm round face), & Standard Bumping (40.5mm round face, 38mm square face).
Stainless Steel High Polished Hammers: Pick/Finishing, Curved Pein/Finishing, & Reverse-Curve
2mm Soft Face & 35mm Dead Blow Hammer
Nylon Chisels: Bolster-Head & Round-Head (2)
NEW! Nylon Dollies: Double-End (2), Bolster-Head, Crease Alignment Tool, Profile Arranging Block, Hand Fist + Curved, Large, Regular, General Purpose, Block, Curved, & Wedge.
Red Heat Gun Holder
In-cabinet power strip
Dust Cover
5 year warranty
Components proudly made in the USA               WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

The ALUSPOT Mini DF-900B Basic Aluminum Dent Pulling Station
MSRP $5,439
Your Special Pro Line Systems Price is $4,789

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Aluspot Mini DF-900B Dent Fix Aluminum Repair Station

DF-SPR70 Riveter - MSRP $8,475 - Your Price $6,397

Additional discount applies if purchased with the Dent Fix DF-900DX or
DF-900DXE Aluminum Repair Station
Contact Us: 305-793-9503

Watch The ALUSPOT DF-900DXE Video To See What's Included
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