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Best Auto Body Car Parts Rack

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Everything you need in a Car Parts Rack for auto body shop organization Is right here.

DJS Fabrications Quality - High Value Car Parts Racks are first choice of collision repair
facilities around the world.

Car Parts Rack Organizer by DJS Fabrications
car parts racks for body shop organization

Reasons To Choose The DJS Car Parts Rack

🚗 Revolutionize Your Auto Repair Shop with the DJS Fabrications Auto Parts Racks

🌟 Unparalleled Efficiency:
  • DJS Fabrications brings you the ultimate solution to supercharge your automotive repair shop's efficiency.
  • Our auto parts racks are the secret weapon to drastically reduce cycle times, ensuring your business keeps moving at top speed.

💡 Innovative Space-Saving Design:
  • Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces! Our racks are ingeniously designed to fold and stack effortlessly when not in use.
  • This space-saving feature not only saves you valuable real estate but also precious time by eliminating the need for complicated storage solutions.

📦 Exceptional Storage Capacity:
  • Each of our car parts racks is a storage powerhouse, offering three spacious shelves with a whopping 22 square feet of storage area each.
  • With a robust weight capacity of up to 150 lbs per shelf, you can store everything from the smallest bolts to the largest components with ease.

🕵️ Zero Loss Guarantee:
  • Tired of hunting for missing parts? Never experience that frustration again!
  • These car parts parts racks ensure every component, no matter how small, is accounted for and accessible when you need it.

⏱️ Streamlined Workflow:
  • Our car parts racks are your key to leaner processing and cycle times. Keep all your essential car parts neatly organized and at arm's reach, enhancing your repair shop's overall efficiency.

🛠️ Unrivaled Versatility:
  • Whether you're a large-scale automotive repair facility or a small independent garage, our racks are designed to meet your specific needs and seamlessly integrate into your workspace.
At An Amazing Low Price

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your automotive repair shop's organization and productivity. Join the countless businesses that trust DJS Fabrications to make their operations smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. Upgrade your auto parts storage today for a brighter tomorrow!

Just $439.95 to optimize your shop for ultimate vehicle tear-down and assembly processing.

No more misplaced or lost parts - saves you time and money
Reduce Cycle Time Benefits

Stackable and foldable, these car parts racks won't take up valuable shop space.
This is the Category Leading car parts rack for the automotive industry...

FYI: Financing with low rates is available

DJS Car Parts Rack Features

  • Mfg. Shelve Rated at 150 lbs
  • Powder Coated for long lasting great appearance
  • Shelf Dimensions 2x4ft
  • Balanced for holding a hood on rear shelf
  • Spring loaded shelves stay in up position without ties
  • Includes 3 hooks to hold hood, fenders etc.
  • Shelf mesh is smaller to prevent fall through of small parts
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Fold them up and be amazed how tightly they stack
  • Great price

  • Price discounts on multiple units
  • Low rate financing is available for larger orders

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