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Star A Liner Floor Pulling Drive On System

Frame Machines

When you need more pulling capabilities the addition of the Star A Liner Cheetah Floor Rack
frame and body pulling system makes great sense.

The Star A Liner Auto Body Floor Rack is your answer for your production requirements
at a great economical price.

This American Made Floor Pulling System comes complete with everything
You need for a very capable 10-ton truck and car body straightening system
without taking up valuable space.

Star A Liner Cheetah Floor Puling System

CHEETAH® FLOOR RACK SPECIFICATIONS - Complete auto body pulling solution

Length of two treadways together:
12 ft. (366 cm)
Width of treadway:
21 in. (53 cm)
Tower height:
6 ft. (183 cm)
360 lbs (163 kg)
Power required for hydraulics:
100 psi air (6.89 bar)
Pulling power, hydraulics:
10 ton (9 metric ton)
*Pinchweld clamp & treadway design has changed slightly from the photos shown.  

Cheetah Floor Rack System Consists of:
1 – 6’ (183 cm) portable pulling post.
1 – hyd. pump, hose, and ram.
2 – 8’ (244 cm) chains
1 – 12’ (366 cm) chain
2 – 12’ (366 cm) treadways sections
1 – (set of 4) pinchweld  clamps
2 – portable ramps
14 – floor/anchor pots

Powerful 10 Ton Puller
Star A Liner Floor Pulling Post

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Proudly Made In The USA
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