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Polyvance 8002 Analog Nitrogen Plastic Welder

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Polyvance 8002 Analog Nitrogen Plastic Welder

The Polyvance 8202 Nitro-Fuzer
An Amazing Plastic Welder At A Great Price  $3,395

For over 40 years Polyvance has been the
the industry leader in research and development
of state-of-the-art plastic welding systems

The 8002 Nitro Fuzer Plastic Welding System combines a simplified nitrogen welder with a traditional airless plastic welder. Combining these welders into one package, allows you to economically make nitrogen welds to virtually any automotive plastic. The Nitro Fuzer 8002 is designed to be used with compressed air and a nitrogen bottle to make the strongest possible welds, or it can be used with the optional 6066 Nitrocell nitrogen generator for a limitless supply of nitrogen.

The Polyvance 8002 Nitrogen Plastic Welder features precision flow control so the user can match the flow and temperature to substrate types and thicknesses. The flow and temperature can be reduced to a very low point to weld thin, fragile substrates, something others cannot do. However, when welding very thick substrates and needing a little extra push, the temperature and flow can be increased greatly, to allow more heat to be transferred to the weld. A flow gauge gives the welder a repeatable reference over how much gas is used in the welding process. The integrated airless welder is ideal for smoothing out thermoplastic welds.

  • Analog temperature control
  • Switchable dual gas input
  • Manual air-to-nitrogen switching
  • Precision flow valves for air/nitrogen flow control
  • Direct-reading flow gauge
  • Quick-change hose and handle assembly
  • 200W airless welder element with ceramic core
  • 550W air/nitrogen heating element
  • Nitrogen bottle regulator and hose
  • Air manifold for air hose
  • Welding rod and tool storage compartment
  • Powder-coated 16-gauge steel construction
  • Cabinet-mounted torch holder
  • Automatic low-pressure shut-off
  • Adjustable nitrogen bottle supports

  • Hand seamer tool
  • Aluminum tape
  • Urethane welding rod
  • 15ft each: PP, ABS, LDPE, TPO, PA welding rods
  • 4ft PC round rods
  • Organizer case w/ 5 profiles of black PP rods

Learn how to weld plastic and more in this informative Polyvance Video.

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