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Universal Truck Frame Clamps

Truck Anchoring

The Easy and Economical Way to Utilize your Existing Anchor Stands to Hold Truck Frames

Just drop the universal truck holding clamp into your anchor stand clamp jaws and you are
ready to go. Call us and ask for Model JEN-6 / Package 555


     Universal truck frame vise clamp     Universal Truck Holding Clamp

      Fits in your existing rocker clamps

kmv universal truck frame vise clamp

Different adapters for any truck frame straightening are available

KMV Auto Body Frame Vise   
truck frame repair clamps    MADE IN THE USAUniversal Truck holding clamp in anchor stand

These Universal frame clamp vises will work with your existing anchor stands for a fast and easy way to hold full frame autos and truck frames.

These adapt to Car O Line Frame Machines
or any perch designed risers.                                    

Please Call For Current Pricing


For KJ and Blackhawk Frame Racks
KJ Frame Vise Clamps

Frame Vise Clamps For KJ - Blackhawk Frame Racks

Frame Vise Clamps For Practically Any Frame Machine Are Available

"KJEN 554" Car O Liner Truck Frame Anchoring Vise $3,695

frame anchor for car o liner
KJEN 554 - Car O Liner Vise Clamp Set
vise clamp on car o liner anchor stand
KJEN 554 - Car O Liner Vise Clamp Set
kmv clamps under car o liner
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