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Spectratek UV Ultraviolet Curing Lamps

Paint Curing Lamps > All Spectratek UV Lamp Models
Spectratek UVTEK2000 UltraViolet Curing Lamp
Spectratek UVTEK 2000 UV Curing Lamp Ultra Violet

Spectratek -  The Developers Of The First UV LED UltraViolet Curing Lamps Providing Extreme High Efficiency No Heat Curing - Low power Consumption - Impressive All Digital Microprocessor Controlled Operation
Unbelievable Short Curing Times

Spectratek LED UltraViolet Curing Lamps
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Spectratek UV lamps meet or exceed the highest international standards for performance and safety. They are designed and built in North America for use worldwide on all current ultraviolet light curable filiers, base coats (primers), top coats, and clear coatings on:
• Metal (including aluminum) • Plastic • Wood • Concrete • Glass • Composites.

Spectratek UV systems
Provide uniform curing over the widest areas
Are faster than other curing methods
Generate no heat on the work surface • Utilize less energy
Provide opportunities to reduce production costs

Spectratek invests in extensive research and testing in conjunction with paint manufacturers to insure continued development of the highest quality products to meet industry needs today and in the future.

Spectratek UV LED Curing Lamp in use
Spectratek UV LED Curing Lamp Over Hood
LED Control Panel
AMH Canada Ltd presents the New UV LED curing lamp line developed and designed with the most advanced LED technology.
Faster, safer and more efficient than any other conventional UV Curing system for automotive repair and industrial finishes.
The Spectratek LED UV curing lamps are environmentally friendly with a low energy consumption.

  • Almost instant full cure with no heat
  • Ready to sand, buff and deliver in under 3 minutes
  • Emits only UVA radiations (395nm) No more harmful UVB and UVC
  • Manufactured with unique passive thermal management system specially designed for high power UV LED modules
    No colling fan is required
  • All the modules are equipped with a distance sensor and a digital control board
  • A lifetime of more that 30,000 hours
  • Each UV LED head lamp provides a uniform radiation

    Average irradiance: 7.0mW/cm2
    Maximum Irradiance 9.5mW/cm2

The Next Big Thing In UV Paint Curing. It's Here..
Small and medium spot drying in record time is now possible
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