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CMO Electro Power Car Body Alignment Tool

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The Amazing Electro Power 5-Ton Push Pull Hand Held auto body repair gun by CMO

Make repairs faster than ever before with this versatile,
revolutionary auto body repair gun system

Now In Stock
Electro Power Battery Operated Gun by CMO
electro power 5 star rating "We love this tool" Antonio Gorini - Florence Italy electro power 5 star rating
Deluxe Accessory Kit - In Stock $1,750
Electro Power Standard Kit - In Stock $2,150
Perform all these auto-body structural repair methods and many more, with the push of a button.
Delivers an incredible 5 Tons of Push - Pull Power / It's like a Frame Machine in your hand

Electro Power Repair Applications

The Electro Power battery operated push-pull tool by CMO provides the most convenient metal
auto body re-alignment capabilities with the push of a button.

A total deployment of 5 Tons of power can be used inside and outside the vehicle to align car body structures easily with one hand. No cumbersome cords, hoses, or hand pumps are needed to complicate its use.

The Electro Power is the only patented tool of its kind, and it has won the hearts of many auto body repair technicians around the world. Watch The Video.

The only option is the Spreader Attachment - $645
electro power optional spreader attachment
Here are just a few repair procedures you can do with the ElectroPower gun
Imagine how many other creative uses you can think of...
Spreading - Pulling - Pushing - Pressing - Squeezing, Practically Anything You Can Think Of.
electro power setups in use
Watch the ElectroPower Video for more repair examples.

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