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Dent Fix Self Piercing Riveter - DF-SPR 70

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Dent Fix DF-SPR70 Self-Piercing Riveter 10T

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Dent Fix 10T SPR Riveter Kit DF-SPR70
Dent-Fix-10T-DF-SPR70 Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit

The Dent Fix Self-Piercing Riveter 10T is the smart investment in productivity for your shop

Exceptional engineering and functional features make this SPR Riveter the first choice of auto body collision repair professionals worldwide. Watch The Video Here.

Special Limited Time Offer On The 10T Rivet Gun
FYI: Learn How You Can Buy This Riveter For Just $6,399
"And Get An Additional Extra Year Warranty"

*Discount Pricing and Availability on Request. Call For Special offers.

NEW MODEL - DF-SPR70 - Self-Piercing Riveter 10T (Ten Tons) The Latest Model from Dent Fix

Made In France by GYS
Now With Ten Tons of Force to penetrate the hardest Steel & Aluminum

Introducing the Dent Fix DF-SPR70 10T (Ten Ton) Self Piercing Rivet Gun - the latest innovation in the Dent Fix SPR Riveter line, engineered with advanced technology and a formidable Ten Tons of Force. This powerhouse easily penetrates even the hardest aluminum and steel panels, including Boron, setting a new standard in automotive body repair.

Equipped with everything you need to start implementing OEM self-piercing riveting procedures, the tool provides seamless integration into your workflow. With its unparalleled strength and reliability, this model replaces the discontinued DF-SPR67 and DF-SPR69, making it the go-to choice for professional riveting operations.

Included In The Kit: Everything you need to start your SPR and Flow Form riveting journey.
  • Self-Piercing Riveter 10T
  • HR110 C-Arm - 44x79mm
  • XT11,21 Extension
  • Standard Die Kit With 3.3 & 5.3mm Dies
  • Rivet Removal Die
  • Hole punch
  • Flattening Dies
  • Special Rivet Punch
  • Strap, Arm Locker, And Control Handle
  • 300 Self-Piercing Rivets In Various Sizes

Revealing why this #1 selling tool is a game changer for your auto body repair shop.

As the number one-selling professional riveter in the market, the Dent-Fix rivet gun guarantees OEM-recommended car body repair methods, ensuring optimal performance when joining aluminum and steel panels. Its robust ten tons of force set a new industry standard, providing the power needed for even the most demanding applications.

FYI: In many instances, self-piercing rivet bonding is replacing traditional spot welding in auto manufacturing and auto body repair facilities world-wide. The Hydraulic / Pneumatic operation of the tool eliminates concerns about battery issues, offering uninterrupted operation. Recognizing the preferences of most auto body repair workshops, this air-operated riveter is an essential tool for any automotive collision repair facility.

The Dent Fix DF-SPR70 Self-Piercing Riveter 10T is more than just a tool; it's a professional solution designed for maximum productivity, safety, efficiency, and durability. With pressure and speed controls conveniently located on the gun itself, users can achieve precise results without compromising on panel integrity or wasting time. Experience the difference with Dent Fix and Pro Line Systems, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled service and performance.
The DF-SPR70 is the number one-selling professional riveter!

The Self-Piercing Riveter 10T Kit provides OEM-recommended car body repair methods and high power for joining aluminum and steel panels together with (10 Tons of force - the new industry standard).

FYI: In many cases, SPR bonding is replacing spot welding on Aluminum And Steel. Hydraulic Pneumatic operation means no battery issues to deal with. Most shops demand an air-operated riveter rather than a battery-powered tool because they want a machine that provides the ultimate power and reliable, continuous operation to match OEM results.

Dent Fix's Ten Ton Self-Piercing machine is a professional tool for riveting aluminum and steel panels together with high dynamic strength. The pressure and speed controls are on the gun for user convenience and time savings, this enables the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion.

NOTE: If you want to delve deeper in equipping your shop with a Complete SPR Workstation
You should check out the Dent Fix RIVMAX Riveting Repair Station with an emphasis on FORD.

The Self-Piercing Riveter 10T revolutionizes the craft of modern automotive body repair, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and durability. By understanding the features, benefits, and optimal usage techniques, you can elevate your craftsmanship to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, investing in a Dent Fix Riveter is a decision that pays many dividends. Unlock the full potential of these innovative tools and take your automotive body repair projects to the next level.
Pressure Control
Dent Fix DF-SPR70 Riveter Pressure Control
Speed Control
Adjusting Speed Setting On The DF-SPR70 Riveter
The pneumatic hydraulic operation of the Dent Fix Rivet Gun ensures continual pressure and usage of up to (10 Tons) The New Industry Standard). The included 44mm HR1 arm allows for various manufacturer applications and rivet installation locations. Ergonomic design with support grip allows for easy and comfortable long-term use with 360-degree rotational positioning for exceptional operation for rivet placement in tight or awkward situations.

You'll Have No Battery Issues To Deal With Ever Again!

  • This SPR Riveter kit works perfectly with the Ford F-150, BMW, and many other vehicles foreign & domestic.

  • Other Die Kits are available to conform with any OEM vehicle manufacturer repair procedures

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

EZ Financing is available with low rates and very flexible terms
like No Payments for 3 months, No Money Down, etc.
finance your dent fix riveter

Watch this Video
How to setup and operate the Dent Fix DF-SPR67 Self-Piercing Riveter

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