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Dent Fix Self Piercing Riveter - DF-SPR67 / DF-SPR69

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

Dent Fix Self Piercing Riveters are the smart investment in productivity for your
aluminum and steel auto body panel replacements. Exceptional engineering and
functional features makes these machines the first choice of auto body collision
repair professionals around the world.

*Discount Pricing and Availability on Request
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NEW MODEL - DF-SPR70 10T This Is The Latest Model Of The Dent Fix SPR
Riveter line Now With Ten Tons Force and Advanced Technology

Dent-Fix-10T-DF-SPR70 Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit
Dent Fix 10T SPR Riveter Kit DF-SPR70

The DF-SPR70 (10T) by Dent Fix Penetrates the hardest aluminum and steel panels - Everything you need is included to start self piercing riveting procedures with ultimate power.

self piercing riveter by dent fix DF-SPR67
Dent-Fix Self Piercing Riveter DF-SPR67
Dent Fix Push Pull Riveter
Dent-Fix DF-SPR69 Push Pull SPR Rivet Gun

Dent-Fix DF-SPR67 and DF-SPR69 "Push Pull" Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kits

The DF-SPR67 and DF-SPR 69 Self-Piercing Riveter Kits (SPR) by Dent-Fix provides OEM recommended methods for joining aluminum and steel panels together with
(8 Tons force - the new industry standard). In many cases SPR is replacing spot welding.
Pneumatic operation means no battery issues to deal with. Most shops demand an air operated riveter.

Dent Fix's Self-Piercing Riveter is a professional tool for riveting aluminum and steel panels together with high dynamic strength. The pressure and speed controls are on the gun for user convenience and time savings, this enables the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion.

Adjustable settings are very important in achieving quality results. The pressure gauge and speed control on the gun provides the operator with precision control of important factors for precise operation and safe setting and appearance of rivets on any type of metals being joined.

Pneumatic operation ensures continual pressure and usage up to (8 Tons - The New Industry Standard). The included HR2 arm allows for a wide variety of manufacturer applications and rivet installation locations. Ergonomic design with support grip allows for easy and comfortable use with 360 degree rotational positioning.

Both Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kits include (3.3mm and 5.3mm Dies, Rivet Extracting Dies for Flow Form Riveting, 6.5mm Hole Punch), 2 matrix keys, strap, HR2 arm, 300 SPR Rivets 50ea in various sizes, and a large carrying case.

The SPR rivet gun kit works perfectly with the Ford F-150, BMW
and many other vehicles foreign & domestic around the world.

Other Die Kits are available to conform with any vehicle manufacturer OEM repair procedures

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

EZ Financing is available with low rates and very flexible terms
like No Payments for 3 or 6 months, No Money Down.

finance your dent fix riveter

Watch this Video
How to setup and operate the Dent Fix DF-SPR67 Self Piercing Riveter

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