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Car O Liner Frame Clamps by EZ Clamp

Truck Anchoring

EZ Frame Clamp - Best Car-O-Liner Truck Holding Option
Car-O-Liner - Chief - Any Frame MachineSimply The Best Truck Holdin System... The EZ Frame Clamp System with the New SADL base adapts to any frame machine and Any Truck or Full Frame. While providing the industry's best answer to Truck repairs with unmatched Versatility, non obsolescence design and an outstanding price point the EZ Frame Clamp has earned the praise of technicians and shop owners worldwide.
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Save Thousands Over OEM Equipment Pricing

Car-O-Liner Base On SADL
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Car-O-Liner Rig For F-150
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Set up On Chief for F-150
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EZ Frame Clamp Car O Liner Kit

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EZ Clamp Sadl System On Chief & Car O Liner Machines

EZ Frame Clamp For Car O Liner / Affordable Solution To High Priced Car O Liner Dealer Accessories
Simply Slide the Car O Liner EZ Clamps onto your Clamp Bars for the Easiest, Fastest, Most Economical method for Truck Holding on a Car O Liner Machine you will ever find. Easily adaptable to Ford F-150 / F250 Aluminum body vehicles with optional adapters. Stainless Steel hollow point teeth hold firmly with minimal marking and exceptional holding power.
Never a worry about steel on aluminum contamination issues ever again. Call for a free consultation 305-793-9503

Car-O-Liner Frame Clamps             EZ Frame Clamp is the Affordable Truck Frame Holding System for Car-O-Liner

Clamps Are Made In The USA

Save an incredible amount of time and money while experiencing higher profit margins with the EZ Frame Clamp System for your Car o liner.

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Frame Holding System For Car-O-Liner

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