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GYS Welder in operation by technician
American Freedom Frame Machine
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Aluminum Auto Body Repair Equipment

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

Take Your Shop To The Next Level For Big Profits
Start repairing dents the smart easy way with the Dent Fix GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station
Repair dents, dings, and hail damage without re-painting
Repair Dents In Steel & Aluminum

Aluminum Is Here To Stay  
And We'll Help You Get The Professional Aluminum Repair Equipment You Need
At The Lowest Cost

Need a complete riveting solution for your shop?

This bundled RIVMAX Riveting Repair Station is the answer to all your riveting processes
for self-piercing riveting, flow form rivets, blind rivets, rivet removal, and more.

The GYSPRESS Push Pull self-piercing riveter features a dual action
push pull function for flow form riveting and makes
hole punching a simple and smooth operation
The New SPR Rivet Gun is the GYSPRESS 10T (10 Ton)

Learn More  About The GYSPRESS Self Pierceing Tool

The GYS Autopulse 220-M3 provides exceptional performance in a full-function 3-drive system ready to perform any auto body welding procedure on Aluminum, Steel, and Silicon Bronze.
Give us a call at 305-793-9503 to learn about the best auto body repair tools and equipment.

Prima 3 drive mig welder

Aluminum Dent Repair Stations

       Aluminum Dent Pulling Station GYS Aluminum Dent Puller

  For Superior Performance And Value - Starting at $3,687

The Dent Fix DF-SPR70 Self-Piercing Riveter is the highest-rated self-contained SPR rivet gun Kit. It produces 10 tons of precision force with all controls at the operator's fingertips.
Repair any vehicle, foreign or domestic with this lightweight fully equipped kit.

Enjoy all the power you need to pierce aluminum & steel panels with great results. This riveter is the same as the GYSPRESS 10T Self-Piercing Rivet Gun. Check Out Our Amazing Price.

The RG500 Is The New SPR "Category Leader"

The AMH RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun provides outstanding performance that covers all Aluminum and Steel requirements for riveting on any foreign or domestic vehicle.
RG500 is part of our new line of professional Aluminum Autobody Tools & Repair Equipment.

FYI: Interested in an all inclusive self piercing riveting station that does it all?
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