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Fusion Plus Plastic Welder by Wedge Clamp WS-1000

WELDING & Cutting

Wedge Clamp Systems Fusion Plus WS-1000 Car Body Plastic Welder

Micro Processor Controlled - Airless - Simple Economical Operation  
No Nitrogen Gas Needed / Better Plastic Welding Results

wedge clamp systems Fusion Plus plastic repair station
Fusion Plus Plastic Welder by Wedge Clamp WS-1000
fusion plus flat iron is included      wedge clamp fusion plus plastic welder
*Flat Iron Is Included For Ultra Smooth Finishing

No Knobs - No Flow Gauges - No Fuss Operation
No additional Expense

The Wedge Clamp Fusion Plus Plastic Repair Welding Work Station is designed for car body plastic repair using precision temperature control. The product features an electronic panel with an easy to use lighted LCD touch screen display, enabling precision microprocessor controlled heat & flow settings for a great user friendly experience. Operates on 110V AC.

The temperature sensor installed inside the heating element of the wand combined with a precision microprocessor board provides fast and accurate temperature control directly at the tip.

Produces No Burn and No Smoke. A very clean strong weld bond is achieved with the easy to use Fusion Plus plastic welder workstation.

Continuous communication from the temperature sensor at the heating element automatically protects the welding wand from an over temperature condition.

The Fusion Plus WS-1000 plastic welding station is encased in a sturdy 580 pound capacity 4-Drawer powder coated trolley providing all you need to be productive without spending a fortune.

General Spec's - Channel Programming - CSA Approved - Auto Off Function - Temperature Power down mode - No Air or Nitrogen Needed - Operates on 110V AC.

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Plastic Welder Product Video

Setting Up The WS-1000 Fusion Plus Plastic Welder Video

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