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Blue Boy 153MSA Exhaust Tube Bender

The Blue Boy 153MSA Exhaust Tube & Pipe Bender
Quality You Can See - Unequalled Precision Performance You Expect

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Exhaust Pipe Benders: The Blue Boy 153MSA by AMH

Get ready to supercharge your profits with AMH's Blue Boy 153MSA fully automatic tube bender and expander! This is not just your average machine; it's a powerhouse designed for
high-volume, high-profit operations.

Here's What Makes The Blue Boy 153MSA The Absolute Best Pipe Bender In The Business:

1. Uncompromising Durability
  • Built on a sturdy tubular steel frame, the 153MSA is engineered to handle the most demanding tasks effortlessly.
  • Its proven design ensures reliability even in the toughest of conditions, making it your trusted partner for years to come.

2. Dual Expanders for Double Efficiency
  • The Blue Boy 153MSA pipe bender by AMH Canada boasts two expanders: the Hydra-Sizer and Swager, each on separate hydraulic cylinders.
  • This ingenious feature allows operators to maintain two distinct setups without the need to change tooling, increasing productivity and flexibility like never before.

3. Deluxe 3-Inch Tooling
  • With deluxe 3-inch (76.2 mm) tooling, the 153MSA can effortlessly handle truck pipes and heavy-duty equipment.
  • It comes complete with a comprehensive selection of tooling, including all the features that have made Blue-Boy a renowned name in the industry.

4. Precision Expansion, Every Time
  • The Hydra-sizing expander permits expansion closer to the final bend, ensuring that your pipes meet precise field outer diameter (o.d.) and inner diameter (i.d.) specifications.
  • Rest easy, knowing that expansion is accurate down to the finest detail.

5. Secure Your Tubes
  • Tube slippage during and after expansion is a thing of the past with the innovative gripper clamp expander.
  • Your pipes will stay securely in place, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

6. Safety at Its Core
  • Safety is paramount. The automatic control is not only efficient but also designed with your well-being in mind.
  • It operates using a 24-volt system, ensuring that your workplace is not just efficient but also secure.

7. Bend with Confidence
  • With an impressive 3-inch bending capability, the Blue Boy 153MSA by AMH Canada can handle a wide range of pipe diameters with ease.
  • The depth of the bend plate provides precise control over the bend angle, giving you the confidence to create perfect bends every time.

8. Versatile Power Options
  • Tailor the machine to your specific needs with motor options available in both single and three phases.
  • This flexibility guarantees that the Blue Boy 153MSA seamlessly fits into your setup, no matter the requirements.

9. Low Maintenance, High Uniformity
  • Synchronized back gates require minimal maintenance, ensuring your machine runs smoothly and consistently.
  • The bottom-mounted back gate cylinder eliminates interference with tubing, making your workflow more efficient than ever.
  • There Are Many Blue Boy Tube And Pipe Bending Machines Around The Word
      Still In Use After 50 + Years.

You have now discovered the best pipe bender available today! The 153MSA is engineered for high-volume production, high-profit operations, and high ROI and it's here to revolutionize the way you work.

FYI: We work closely with the manufacturer and we can customize your machine
to the exact specifications you require.

Ready to Elevate Your Bending Game? For pricing and further information, call Pro Line Systems International Inc. at 305-793-9503. Elevate your operations with the Blue Boy AMH 153MSA
The ultimate, precision pipe bender, Manufactured In North America!

Call For Price 305-793-9503

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