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DJS Car Moving Dollies

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 DJS Fabrications Universal Car Moving Dollies
#1 Most highly recommended car wheel moving dolly

DJS Car & Truck Wheel Moving Dolly
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The DJS Fabrications Universal Wheel Dolly has earned the best in the class category as being the most versatile car moving dolly ever devised for auto repair shops. Each Car Dolly is rated at a huge 4000 lbs weight capacity each.

They feature the one-of-a-kind patented 6" type polyurethane tire and quality casters.  Now moving disabled vehicles has Never Been Easier, And They won't scratch finished shop flooring.

Now you can Roll over everything in your path with ease, whereas other small hard-wheeled dollies always fail by getting stuck rolling over cracked flooring or any debris.  A full package of adapters for wheel-off situations and a non-damaging pinch weld clamp for suspension out or any other condition makes the DJS Dolly an Extremely versatile car wheel-moving dolly.

Manufacturer Approved Adapters are available for BMW - Mercedes - Porsche - Corvette -  Audi & Tesla

Safely Moving Hybrid Vehicles is another advantage of these car-moving dollies.

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Safety Information For Moving Hybrid Vehicles
Do you work on Hybrid Electric vehicles?  Click the Hybrid Analysis Logo to learn why these car dollies are a "Must Have" safety item in your shop
Car Wheel Dolly Comparison

Hub Adapters & Rocker Pinch Weld Adapters Are Included for multi-functional car moving options
Unlike other wheel dollies, the DJS Universal Dolly makes easy work of loading damaged vehicles
onto your frame machine.

The DJS Universal Dolly System is the most versatile car moving dolly designed for use in auto body or mechanical repair shops. It offers a range of features and accessories to make moving and working on vehicles, especially damaged ones, more convenient and efficient than ever before. Here's a breakdown of the key features and components that make these car moving dollies best choice for auto repair shops.

Hub Adapters & Rocker Pinch Weld Adapters: These adapters allow you to securely attach the dolly to the vehicle's hubs or rocker pinch welds. This flexibility makes it easier to handle vehicles in different conditions.
  • Loading damaged vehicles onto your frame machine: The dolly system is particularly effective in assisting with the loading of damaged vehicles safely and quickly onto a frame machine. This is important in auto body repair to properly load damaged vehicles onto the frame rack. Special loading plates are available for this purpose.
  • Frame Machine Loading Plates: These loading plates are designed to work in conjunction with the dolly system to facilitate the process of loading vehicles onto frame machines. They make this task easier and more efficient.
  • Threshold Ramps: Threshold ramps may be used to bridge gaps or elevation changes between the shop floor and the dolly system. This can be especially helpful when moving vehicles with low ground clearance or in & out of your spray booth.
  • Full Frame Channel Adapters: These truck frame adapters may be used for vehicles with full frames, allowing for secure attachment to the dolly system.
  • Optional Specialty Holding Adapters: These adapters are tailored for specific vehicle makes such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Corvette, Audi, and more. They are specifically designed to ensure a secure and customized fit for different vehicle types.
  • Move Any Car In Any Condition: The dolly system is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicle conditions, whether the wheels are on or off. This flexibility is beneficial for auto repair shops dealing with various vehicle types and states of disrepair.
  • "Spotlight On The DJS Universal Dolly Systems Blog" This blog may offer you more detailed information and insights into the DJS Universal Dolly System. It can provide users with a deeper understanding of its features, benefits, and applications. Check it out.

    In summary, the DJS Universal Dolly System is positioned as a valuable and versatile tool for auto body and mechanical repair shops. It streamlines the process of moving immobile vehicles, through a range of adapters and accessories. Especially those in various states of immobility,

    It's important for shops looking to enhance productivity and efficiency in their repair processes to highly consider these Top-Of-The-Line universal dead car wheel dolly systems.

    For An Even Deeper Look Into This Amazing Dolly System
    DJS Mobile Dolly Station is ready to move your dollies to the vehicle and keep all accessories together in one convenient system
    DJS Mobile Dolly Station

    The DJS Car Dollies Move Vehicles Easily Over Rough Or Uneven Surfaces

    Approved By Vehicle Manufacturers Including - Mercedes / BMW / Audi / Porsche / Tesla / Corvette

    The patented 6-inch Casters are the main feature of this unique one-of-a-kind car wheel dolly. The Casters combine both Needle Bearings and Ball Bearings for long life and superior performance, the Casters will outlast any other caster wheel available today.

    Our Customers rave about the immediate benefits and time saved moving immobile vehicles around the shop and loading vehicles onto their frame machines.

    Weighing in @ Fifty Pounds Each this Dolly is built to last, providing you the assurance of years of

    trouble-free service and increased repair production.

    Customize your Wheel Dolly System with these optional quality OEM Approved Adapters for the
    best car moving experience.

    Car Moving Dolly Accessories
    BMW & Mercedes Approved Adapters
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