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How To Safely Move Disabled Vehicles In The Body Shop

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Published by Giulio Valle in Body Shop Equipment · 26 August 2021
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Move Disabled Vehicles The Safe And Easy Way

The DJS Universal car wheel dolly is the only car-moving dolly that offers many advantages over any other dolly of its kind.
Quickly move cars in any condition, with wheels on or off. Now moving disabled
cars and trucks have never been easier and safer.

Safety First!

FYI: Industry Safety Data You Need To Know When Moving Electric Vehicles

Careful Considerations Must Be Used When Moving Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles use Regenerative Braking Systems
Regenerative braking systems are a process of slowing down and braking a moving electric vehicle.

This braking system uses the kinetic energy-forward movement, to turn generators on the wheels which produce electric energy that gets stored in the HV battery.

This is awesome energy savings but poses a problem for a disabled EV or HEV that needs to be pushed around the shop.

All personnel must be aware that even though the battery is disconnected, the turning of the wheels will still produce electricity and will pose a danger to people around it, so take precautions when pushing electric cars.

Therefore, when pushing an electric vehicle (EV) around the shop you must remember to use wheel dollies to isolate the wheels from turning.

We recommend the DJS Universal Dollies for the safe movement of any disabled vehicles, trucks, any Non-Electric vehicles, and especially any Electrically powered vehicles.

Here's Why The DJS Dollies Are Far Superior To Any Other Car Wheel Dolly.
Rated at 4000lbs weight capacity each, with 6" polyurethane wheels will make a huge difference in any auto body or mechanical shop needing to move dead cars and trucks.

DJS Car Moving Dolly With Brackets
Each universal dolly includes Hub and Pinch Weld adapters that provide several ways to prepare any vehicle for movement safely and quickly around the shop. Wheels on or off do not matter with the included pinch weld and hub adapters.

Unlike other dolly products that require the wheels must be on the car, the DJS dolly system will get those immobile cars and trucks safely moved, faster than any other car-moving dolly on the market.

Special Adapters are available for Tesla, BMW, Corvette, and Mercedes. Approved by Tesla - BMW - Corvette and Mercedes.

Learn More About The DJS Dollies Here
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