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Meet Mr Giulio Valle, The Author of the Pro Line Systems Blog

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Published by Giulio Valle in Informational · Thursday 13 Jul 2023
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About The Author Of This Blog, Giulio Valle, The Creator Of Pro Line Systems International Inc.

Join us as we dive into the fascinating history of Pro Line Systems and get to know the man behind it all.

Hey, there fellow Auto Body Enthusiasts! Welcome to the Pro Line Systems Auto Body Repair Blog. Today, we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves and shed some light on the mastermind behind this blog and the driving force behind Pro Line Systems International Inc. your go-to resource for all things related to auto body repair and restoration.

Giulio Valle is the author of the pro line systems blog

Meet Giulio Valle, the author of this blog, and his company, Pro Line Systems International Inc. With a passion for all things automotive, Giulio founded Pro Line Systems back in 2002, developing it into a trusted name in the autobody repair equipment industry.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of auto body repair with
Giulio and the Pro Line Systems team!

Giulio Valle's Brief Bio

Very early on, in his career, Giulio amassed extensive experience working in various auto body shops, honing his skills and building a solid foundation of collision repair knowledge. It was during this time in 2002 that he realized the need for a reliable resource that could provide collision repair equipment, valuable insights, and tips to fellow auto-body enthusiasts and repair technicians.

Hence, the Pro Line Systems Auto Body Repair Website and Blog was born.

Giulio Valle's expertise is recognized throughout the auto body repair industry. He has been honored and awarded by the following institutions: ICAR for his support in the early days of ICAR's start, The Collision Repair Education Foundation, Snap-On / Kansas Jack Equipment salesman of the Year, Chief Automotive Systems Top Liner Status, Senior district manager and more.

When he left high school he explored options available to him that expressed his passion for automobiles as a career. After graduating from a state-provided training institution for auto body repair, he went to work in the field and amassed a lot of auto body repair experience over the years. When he moved with his family to Miami Florida
He spent 2 years at Miami-Dade Community College developing his business skills.

Currently, Giulio is the Chairperson of the Miami-Dade Schools Advisory Committee for the auto body apprentice training program. For over 24 years Giulio was instrumental in creating and supporting state mandates and held several career fairs to encourage new talent into the exciting world of collision repair and refinishing.

In 1987 he was approached by Chief Automotive Systems to join their team as a district manager of frame machine sales and training, which he represented throughout a major portion of South Florida during the years 1987-2002. He regularly promoted Chief equipment with many exciting live pulling and measuring seminars that drew hundreds of shop owners and technicians from around the state.

In Giulio's first year working for Chief, he rose above all salesmen to the top in sales and was presented with his Top Liner Ring and special awards. After that amazing first year of sales, he continued to receive top sales awards year after year. After his second year, he was awarded a senior district manager title and was provided an assistant to support his growing success in sales.

Then a career decision had to be made

Chief eventually was bought out by Dover Corporation, and this brought on changes that did not feel comfortable to Giulio. While he continued working for them it became apparent the customer was not receiving the support they were accustomed to, and this did not agree with Giulio's core values. This is when he decided to start his own equipment distribution company in 2002 and Pro Line Systems International Inc. was born.

Giulio Valle's Corporation, Pro Line Systems International Inc. has grown into a well-respected distributor of quality auto body repair equipment and distribution network which has achieved steady growth year after year.

Note: To reach a wider audience he started his YouTube Channel to further reach the world wide auto body repair market with his exciting equipment Videos. Check out his YouTube channel here.  Please subscribe to his You Tube channel.

Giving Back To Our Industry

miami-dade schools auto body instuctor training studentsFor over 22 years, Giulio served on the Miami-Dade Schools'- Auto Body Training Advisory Board. He assisted in developing a training curriculum for the apprentice auto body and refinishing program and helped to bring new young talent into the awarding field of Auto Body Collision Repair and Refinishing as a Career.
From listening to his customers, Giulio's foresight revealed, that there is definitely a technician shortage, and it appears to be getting worse, so everyone needs to get involved in changing the landscape of this issue.
(Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes). This was when he offered the Miami-Dade School Board a dedicated page on his website to help attract new students and provide a resource for auto body shops and car dealerships to connect with qualified upcoming apprentices.

Here is Giulio's dedicated web page to help our industry

So there you have it! Please Enjoy and Share Giulio Valle's thoughtful content he has prepared just for you.

His Company Motto is, "Representing The Best In Products and Service"

FYI: If you need quality auto body repair equipment, have any questions, or would like
to Guest Post on this Blog

Please call Giulio Valle at 305-793-9503
A free consultation is cheerfully given

P.S. We'd love to hear your comments, Please leave your comments below

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