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Self Piercing Rivets and Rivet Guns

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns
We have the self piercing rivets and gun kits you need for quality auto body repairs. In Stock and Ready To Ship...
These are quality Self Piercing Rivets Made in Europe
For use with any brand SPR Gun
Perfect for aluminum Truck Repairs, as well as BMW, Audi, VW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and any foreign or domestic vehicles requiring SPR Self Piercing Rivets for Aluminum and Steel bonding applications


3.3mm x 3.5mm long
Pack of "200"

3.3mm x 4mm long
Pack of "200"
Please Call In Your Order  305-793-9503
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Note: Other Self Piercing Rivet Sizes Are Available On Request

5.3mm x 8mm long
Pack of "100"
5.3mm x 5mm long
Pack of "100"
Please Call In Your Order  305-793-9503
attention call in your order

Note: Other Self Piercing Rivet Sizes Are Available On Request

Helpful Ford Rivet Size Part Number Conversions
Ford Rivet Part Number - W708713-S900 = 5.3 X 5.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W708714-S900 = 5.3 X 6.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W712218-S900 = 5.3 X 6.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W710246-S900 = 5.3 X 7.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W717337-S900 = 5.3 X 7.5
Ford Rivet Part Number - W708717-S900 = 5.3 X 8.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W717186-S900 = 5.3 X 8.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W717185-S900 = 5.3 X 9.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W717184-S900 = 5.3 X 9.0
Ford Rivet Part Number - W717182-S900 = 5.3 X 10

Need a Remarkable Self Piercing Rivet Gun System? Check out the
GYSPRESS 8T SPR Machine - You'll love it!
                                        GYSPRESS 8T SPR Riveting Kit

Learn More About The Rivet Gun       


This Is Amazing... The RV/EPO2 by CMO is the first computerized self piercing rivet gun that records every rivet installation and enables downloading a certification report by USB to special software that can be printed out showing the successful implementation of every rivet used on a particular job.

Liability is a crucial factor in todays collision repair environment and shops need to implement the latest technology to certify the repair was done properly.

click for computerized spr rivet gun                   
The RV/EP02 by CMO Self Piercing Rivet Gun

The CMO Computerized Self Piercing Rivet Gun provides the latest recommended force of 8 Tons. Anything less than 8 Tons will prove unsatisfactory.

Unlike most other hand held battery riveters that max out at 5 tons, you will always get the safe and complete flattening of the SPR rivet that matches the factory installed rivets.

Be the first to offer insurance companies and your customers the confidence in doing business with your shop. You Get The Latest Technology Without The High Cost.

Click the SPR Gun and get detailed information.

Call for additional information and introductory pricing.  

Check out our Industrial Grade RG500 self piercing rivet gun system. It's a Top Seller...
check out the compuspot RG500 spr rivet system

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