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Self Piercing Rivets

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

We have the self piercing rivets you need for quality auto body repairs.
In Stock and Ready To Ship...
These are quality Self Piercing Rivets Made in Europe / For use with any brand SPR Gun
Perfect for Truck Repairs as well as BMW, Audi, VW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and any foreign or domestic vehicles requiring SPR Self Piercing Rivets for Aluminum and Steel Bonding applications


3.3x3.5mm  Self Piercing Rivets pack of 200
3.3x4mm 3.3x3.5mm  Self Piercing Rivets pack of 200
SPR Rivets 3.3x3.5mm 200 Count
Self Peircing Rivets 3.3x4mm 200 Count
3.3mm x 3.5mm long
Pack of 200

3.3mm x 4mm long
Pack of 200
Please Call In Your Order  305-793-9503
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Note: Other Self Piercing Rivet Sizes Are Available On Request

5.3x5mm Self Piercing Rivets pack of 100
5.3x8mm Self Piercing Rivets pack of 100
Self Piercing Rivet Pack Count 100 Size  5.3x5mm
Self Pierce Rivets Blister Pack 100 Count 5.3x8mm
5.3mm x 8mm long
Pack of 100
5.3mm x 5mm long
Pack of 100

Please Call In Your Order  305-793-9503
attention call in your order

Note: Other Self Piercing Rivet Sizes Are Available On Request


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ford rivet application chart
For Your Information:  Ford Motor Company
There seems to be a lot of confusion industry wide about repairing the Ford Aluminum pickup trucks. So here are some downloadable Ford documents we've gathered to help you out. If we can assist you further just give us a call...

We get a tremendous amount of calls asking about what size and types of rivets are needed for a particular panel replacement on the Ford F-150 and F-250 Aluminum Pickups.
Here are three Ford rivet application charts to help you sort things out that will be helpful in identifying the locations of Self Piercing Rivets as well as all other types of rivets that are used throughout the Ford F-Series trucks.

These are self piercing rivet guides provided as of the date of publication by Ford.

Please Note: We in no way act as Ford representation and only do our best to serve our customers by providing information to help get their work done. You should always check the Ford website or ICAR for the latest information regarding any specific use or procedures and follow their repair recommendations.

Ford Logo Ford Rivet Application Charts
                                            Bedside Replacement         Crew Cab Door Opening            Roof Replacement
Ford Aluminum Beside Replacement Rivet Chart   Ford Crew Cab Official Rivet Chart   Roof Replacement SPR Identification Sheet

Check out our Industrial Grade RG500 self piercing rivet gun system. It's a Top Seller...
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