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American Freedom Frame Machine
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Signature Hybrid Frame Machine

Frame Machines

The American Freedom Signature Hybrid Frame Machine has been developed
to bring one of the most popular frame machine designs to a new standard
of feature rich quality, perfection and performance. Made In The USA.

American Freedom Hybrid Frame Machine

The Hybrid's Multiple Pulling Towers are ready for action with 360 degree coverage wherever and whenever needed for fast precision frame and body repairs.

Specially designed bearings provide easy positioning of towers for fast and easy setups.

Made In The USA

Signature Hybrid Tower Rollers

A Hi-Performance central electric hydraulic pump stores conveniently out of the way providing 10 tons of simultaneous pulling force with equalized pressure at the touch of a button, enabling the damage to reverse itself just as it went in. Less pulling force is needed when several towers spread the energy throughout the entire damaged area. Your benefit is safe and precision repairs in the least amount of time.

CJ Signature Frame Machine Pump
Signature Hybrid Frame Machine Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic ports are always in reach to connect towers to the hydraulic system

The Signature Hybrid Frame Machine can be configured to suit any application or price point our customers need. Configurations for the Signature Hybrid range from 3 towers to 5 towers and 20ft or 22ft Versions.

Hybrid Frame Machine
Know The Facts
Why Upgrade To Signature Hybrid Frame Machines?

Some frame machines offer strength but insufficient tower mobility. Others have movable towers but not enough pulling power or the ability to work on wider vehicles.The Signature Hybrid has solved these challenges with an auto body frame rack that combines power, precision and all-around access. So you and your team no longer have to sacrifice one for the other.

Hybrid Frame Rack Advantages:
    • 88 inch Wide Deck / 20 or 22 foot sizes available.
• 10-ton hydraulics in all towers provides the pulling power.
• Movable towers make group pulls possible.
• 360-degree access, less dead zones. quicker repairs
• Comes with 2 or 3 movable towers, your choice.
• V-rollers allow smooth, one-handed positioning of towers along track.
• Easy tie-down system secures track towers for pulling.
• Removable cross members allow access to front and rear of vehicle.
• Ability to group towers at drive-on end enabling multiple pulls for safer and precision repairs.
• Hydraulic quick connections on frame rack bed, 2 per side.
• Two-year limited warranty.
• Made in the USA.

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Signature Hybrid
Frame Rack Specifications
Length of bed top: 20 ft.
Length w/towers extended:  24 ft. 6 in.
Width of bed: 88 in.
Width w/towers extended: Pivot end 13 ft. 4 in., Track end 11 ft. 4 in.
Width of treadway: 28 in.  
Width between treadways: 32 in.      
 Overall height: 9 ft. 3 in.       
Working height: 31 in.       
Hydraulics: 10  ton          
Power required:
 120v, 20 amp, dedicated service       
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Strength & Tower Mobility Combined.
This Model Frame Machine
was created with emphasis on versatility and power as top feature of design. They have 3 pivoting pulling towers at one end of the bed and 2 (or 3) movable towers that ride on a track around the other end. The pivoting towers provide strength, stability and repair width while the movable towers make 360-degree pulling access possible.
This  combination gives auto body technicians 10-ton hydraulics at each tower plus 360-degree pulling access to  the vehicle frame. That makes the Signature Hybrid Frame Machine a great frame rack with less "dead zones".  The towers glide into position with smooth, one-handed motion around the track making tower group pulls easier than ever.

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