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Electronic Measuring Systems

Measuring Systems

We've Got Three Great Auto Body Electronic Measuring System Choices For You.
Three Great Technologies / Three Great Prices

SYSTEM ONE - Eclipse 3D Laser Measuring System.
The Category Leading Car Body Laser Measuring System

The Eclipse And "Eclipse Plus" Electronic Measuring System is based on Aerospace Laser Technology, it is fast and easy to use with its Amazing 3D software. A first of its kind.

interactive online training and support program is included so your technicians are always fully trained and proficient in every way. You will always be up to date with a Live Instructor right by your side whenever you need them. Click the Photo to learn more about this cutting-edge measuring system.
Developed by designers of laser measuring for the Aerospace industry.

Find Out More About Eclipse

The ALLVIS AVS-500 Measuring System, Now With Bluetooth Connect Tram Gauge.
Exactly what the collision repair industry has been waiting for.

Now with full functioning Bluetooth - Smart Connect technology.
Transmit measuring data directly to the computer software with a push button-ease.
You'll have a professional damage analysis printout in your hand at record speed.

Click to learn more about ALLVIS AVS-500 measuring system
ALLVIS 3D MEASURING SYSTEM - Systems starting at $4,499
Computerized Damage Analysis and Repair Verification - Printouts Without The High Cost.

Digital Computerized Tram Gauge

Call for expert advice and pricing at  305-793-9503

A free interactive online demonstration is available at your request.

Allvis Measuring System Display

click to learn more About ALLVIS

Electronic Measuring - User Friendly, Affordable, Extremely Accurate  
Produces High Quality Professional Damage Analysis And Repair Printouts

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