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The Tru-Line TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System

Wheel Alignment

The Affordable Tru-Line TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System

Used by several auto manufacturers including Toyota, Wal-Mart, Trucking lines, Racing Teams, Thousands of Auto body shops and Fleet businesses are utilizing this easy-to-use, accurate, and
cost-effective system.

TRU LINE TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment Package
This is the most convenient portable laser wheel alignment system
for auto body shops and mechanical repair facilities.
Over 30 Years in quality production in the Great USA

The Tru-Line TL-12 offers unsurpassed wheel alignment accuracy, simplicity, and reliability.
Wheel Alignments can be done wherever you need, on your frame machine or on the floor at your customer's home or business.

It will measure caster, camber, SAI, two-wheel, thrust line, and total four-wheel toe. Camber can be read even on a non-level surface.
Runs on standard D cell batteries for a clean unobstructed work environment with no connecting cables or cords getting in the way.

Why Is The Tru Line TL-12 So Popular?
Quality! Simplicity! Affordability! Long History! Never Obsolete!
100% Made In The USA

With the TL12, you can align all vehicles, from the smallest passenger car to trucks with 19-1/2" rims. Optional 6" extensions are available for larger wheels.

Package includes: 4 Standard Wheel Clamps, Rear Combination Gauges, Brake Pedal Depressor, Steering Wheel Holder, Laser Guns, Caster / Camber Gauge, Calibration Bar, Training Video, And Manual - Shipping weight 200lbs
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True Line TL-12 Deluxe Laser Wheel Alignment System
Everything You Need!
As you can see the TL-12 Deluxe System includes everything you need to perform wheel alignments with precision and ease up to 19 1/2" wheels.
An optional 6" extension kit is available that will accommodate wheels up to 24 1/2"

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Perform Wheel Alignment Anywhere - Battery Operated -
Gives Total Freedom

tru-line tl-12 wheel alignment setup on toyata

This is what the Tru-Line Laser wheel alignment system can do for you.

  • Accurate, precise, and proven durable for decades
  • No rack required
  • Easily calibrates in the field in seconds
  • Surface does not need to be level
  • Individual toe and total toe
  • Caster, camber, live camber, SAI / KPI
  • 2-wheel centerline, Thrust angle, and full 4 wheel
  • Accurate to 1/64ths inch
  • Easy, only 20 minutes to read the entire vehicle
  • 100% US made
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Training video and user manual included
  • Runs on D-cell batteries
  • No cables, cords, computers, or maintenance contracts
Deluxe Package Setup Shown

Our Special Report

Special Wheel Alignment Report

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fast & easy with the Tru-Line TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System

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