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Polyvance 8201 Nitro Fuzer Plastic Welder

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Polyvance Advanced Plastic Welder
Nitro-Fuzer 8201 Economical Nitrogen Welding System for Plastic

by Polyvance

Polyvance's 8201 Nitro-Fuzer® Plastic Welding System combines a digital nitrogen welder with a traditional airless plastic welder. Combining these welders into one package, allows you to make nitrogen welds economically for virtually any automotive plastic. Welding with nitrogen gas creates the strongest welds possible because it eliminates plastic oxidation during the welding process.

The 8201 Nitro-Fuzer® is a dual gas plastic welder that can be placed on a workbench. It is designed to be used with compressed air and a nitrogen bottle to make the strongest possible welds, or it can be used with the optional Nitrocell Nitrogen Generator for a limitless supply of nitrogen.

The Polyvance 8201 features digital circuitry to precisely control the temperature of the nitrogen and airless welders. It switches from air to nitrogen when the torch is removed from the holster and automatically switches back to air when it is placed back into the holster. Very Convenient.

Unlike some competitive products, the 8201 features precision flow control so the user can match the flow and temperature to work well with many substrate types and thicknesses. Precision control is at your fingertips so it can weld very thin plastic material something welders cannot do. When welding very thick substrates, the temperature and flow can be increased greatly to allow more heat to be transferred to the weld. A flow gauge gives the welder a repeatable reference over how much gas is used in the welding process.

The 8201 Nitro-Fuzer comes completely assembled and ready to go.


  • Easy-to-operate, digitally encoded temperature controls.
  • Holster switch provides automatic air to nitrogen switching. Remove the torch from the holster and you are using nitrogen. Replace the torch into the holster and now it is on air.
  • Analog flow gauge assures consistent performance every time.
  • Element protection microprocessor helps prevent burnout of heating elements.
  • Precision flow valves on both air and nitrogen sides for precision settings.
  • Compact, user-friendly welding torch gets into tight areas.
  • Quick-Change hose and handle assembly.
  • User-friendly intuitive controls for a great user experience.
  • Integrated airless welder control to allow for repair of thermoset PUR.


  • Stronger repairs are achieved than with any other method.
  • Enjoy Profits from repairing plastic parts rather than replacing them.
  • Make more profit by welding rather than using expensive messy two-part adhesives.
  • Repair mounting holes, tabs, and slots that cannot be done with two-part adhesives.
  • Strength: Nitrogen welds are stronger than any two-part epoxy or hot air weld. Plastics are melted together with no oxidation or smoke, therefore, creating the strongest plastic weld.
  • Speed: Complete repairs in a fraction of the time of two-part epoxies. Typical welding speeds are 4 inches (10 cm) to 6 inches (15 cm) per minute. No waiting for cure time. Cool with water, then sand, prime, and paint.
  • Versatility: Do repairs that are not possible with two-part epoxies: Mounting tabs (thick or thin), high-stress areas, flexible tabs, grille bars, and fender liners. Plus, it's not just for automobile plastics. It can be used on ATVs, Aircraft, Boats, Motorcycles, Appliances, Toys, and ANYTHING PLASTIC.
  • Cost Savings: An average 6-inch (15 cm) repair costs less than $2.00. You pay that much just for the mixing tips when using two-part adhesives. The same adhesive repair can cost over $30.00!
  • Ease: Repairs are very simple to perform. Your techs already understand welding steel and aluminum. Now with the 8201 Nitrogen Welding System by Polyvance, they have the tools to weld anything.
  • Estimating Options: You will prosper by gaining flexibility in the estimating process. Save totaled vehicles. Get an edge over the competition. You will have another bargaining tool with insurance companies and adjusters.
  • Keep Profits in Your Shop: Repair instead of replacing bumpers, headlights, and other plastic parts. Keep labor dollars in your wallet instead of the recycle bin.
  • Insurance Relations: Show you are on the side of cost savings while increasing your profits at the same time. By making a QUALITY repair you become an ally of insurance companies and adjusters, decrease cycle times, and this all helps to steer additional work to your shop.
  • Create Loyal Customers: 25% of a shop’s business is customer-pay. You will save your customers money on small hits while creating strong relationships and loyal customers that will keep coming back to you.
  • Avoid Fit Issues: Why struggle and waste time trying to properly fit an aftermarket cover when you can easily repair the Original OEM part?
  • Plastic Use Will Continue to Grow: The number of plastic parts in cars will continue to grow. This means ever-increasing repair opportunities in the future. Enjoy Your New Profit Stream.

Factory Support: Polyvance provides the best industry support, there is always a human to answer the phone whenever you should need advice or support of any kind.

Contents of Welding rod organizer case

30 pieces of R02-01-XX-NT - Polypropylene, 1/8 inch (3mm) diameter, Natural
30 pieces of R02-04-XX-NT - Polypropylene, 3/8 inch (9.5mm) X 1/16 inch (1.6mm), Natural
15 pieces of R02-05-XX-NT - Polypropylene, 5/8 inch (15.8mm) X 1/16 inch (1.6mm), Natural
30 pieces of R02-07-XX-NT - Polypropylene, 13/64 inch (5mm) X 1/16 inch (1.6mm), Natural
15 pieces of R02-08-XX-NT - Polypropylene, 1/4 inch (6mm) X 1/4 inch (6mm) Corner Rod, Natural
Other included welding rods.

15 ft. of R01-01-XX-NT - Urethane, 1/8 inch (3mm), Natural
15 ft. of R02-01-XX-BK - Polypropylene, 1/8 inch (3mm) diameter, Black
15 ft. of R03-01-XX-WH - ABS, 1/8 inch (3mm), White
15 ft. of R04-01-XX-WH - Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), 1/8 inch (3mm), Natural
15 ft. of R06-01-XX-WH - Nylon, 1/8 inch (3mm), Natural
4 ft. of R07-01-XX-WH - Polycarbonate, 1/8 inch (3mm), Natural

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