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GYS Welder in operation by technician
American Freedom Frame Machine
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Truck Frame Vise Clamps for any Frame Machine by Body Loc

Truck Anchoring

Body Loc BL-77D-CH Ultra Loc Truck & SUV Full Frame Anchoring Vise Clamps

Compatible with box and C-channel truck frames
One-Man 20 Minute Set-up is all it takes
Body Loc Frame Vise for Chief Frame Machine
BL-77D-CH Vuse Clamp for Chief Racks

BL-77D-CH  Ultra Loc
Truck Frame Vise Clamps For "Chief" Frame Machines

The Easiest, Most Effective Full Frame Holding System For Trucks, and SUVs.
Anchor any style frame in record time on any Chief frame rack or KJ rack.

Recognized by FORD as the proper style anchoring clamps needed
for securing the Ford F-150 / F-250 Pickups for frame repair.
Includes (2) Deep Reach Frame Clamps / High Strength Gripping Teeth that Are Replaceable

Switch from box-style full-frame anchoring to C-Channel frames in seconds!

Foothill Auto Body Testimonial
The Body Loc truck frame anchor system works great on our American Freedom
frame machine! We are very pleased with the product and support.
Thank You Pro Line Systems.
Randy, Lead Tech - Foothill Auto Body, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
Foothill Auto Body Testimonial
Chief Frame Anchoring Vise Clamp Set
*Optional Height Extensions
Benefit by Less Jacking Up The Truck With The BL-77F-CH Height Risers
Add more versatility and safety in adjusting to any frame height challenge.
*Optional 4" and 7" Height Risers are available for the fastest
precision Truck Frame Anchoring available anywhere.
Chief Frame Vise Height Extensions
*Optional Height Extensions

Body Loc BL-77D-KJ Frame Vise Clamps
For KJ, Blackhawk, Chassis Liner Frame Racks
Includes 4 Vise Clamps And Accessories

Suitable for KJ - Kansas Jack / Blackhawk frame machines as the proper vise style
anchoring clamps recommended for securing all pickup brands for frame repair.
BL-77D-KJ Vise Frame Anchoring for KJ-Blackhawk Frame Racks
BC-49 Chain Binder
Body Loc BL-49 Chain Binder
Watch This Video
Learn how easy it is to solidly anchor full-frame vehicles in record time
and ready for pulling with the Body Loc - Ultra Loc Vise Clamps.

Financing is available, fill out a quick application
and get pre-approved in less than 2 hours.

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Finance your truck frame anchoring system while rates are still affordable.
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