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Mig Welders

The Prima 205 Double Pulse MultiArc Mig Welder / 3 Drive Machine Provides Excellent Performance On Aluminum / Silicon Bronze And Steel - User Friendly Intelligent Software Provides "Ready To Go Performance"
Prima Multiarc 205 Pulse Mig Welder
Prima Multiarc Mig Mag Welder
Shown is the Popular PRIMA MULTIARC 205 Pulse Mig Welder combined in a complete package ready to go with a three drive system set up for Aluminum - Steel - and Silicon Bronze mig welding and dent repair. Simply grab a torch, turn a dial and start welding with precision pulse technology.
Included in the Prima Multiarc 205 Package are the following components.

  • PRIMA MULTIARC 205 Precision Pulse Mig Welder With 3 Drives And 3 Torches
  • PSC Welding Gun For Tab Pulling Dents On Aluminum & Steel
  • ACL Dent Puller
  • Perno Steel Rod For Pull Tabs
  • Dedicated Deluxe Prima Cart With Three Torch Holder For Multiarc 205
  • Aluminum Pull Tabs 1- (50) Pack
  • Steel Pull Tabs 1- (100) Pack
  • One Spool Each Mig Wire for Aluminum - Steel - Silicon Bronze - Set Up And Ready To Weld

Why You Should Consider The Prima Multiarc 205? Because It Does It All!
  • World Wide Recognition
  • Two Year Warranty
  • State Of The Art Processor - Upgradeable Software
  • Prima Signature Overnight Parts Exchange - During And After Warranty
  • Spare Tips - Rollers - Liners Included                            
  • Live Video & Phone Support
Call For Price 305-793-9503

ACAL Puller with attachments
Aluminum & Steel Washer Pulling Accessories
100 Steel Pull Washers
pulling washers
50 Aluminum Pull Washers
Prima PSC Dent Pull Washer Gun
Prima is a leading manufacturer and software design company of equipment required for the auto body repair of the 21st century vehicle. OEM APPROVED

Our products are state of the art and sold throughout the world. The requirement for safer and more fuel efficient vehicles occurred in Europe years before North America. Government mandates and fuel prices have now forced these change the in the US. This requires lighter weight vehicles with major structural design changes using a variety of new material with closer tolerances, forcing changes in equipment and repair procedures. The OEMs have had to implement programs wherein their certified/approved shop are required to have equipment meeting certain specification and new training procedures. Similar to Euro shops but body shops can select the equipment as long as it meets the OEM specifications.

Free Consultation Call 305-793-9503
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single drive welders by Prima
Prima Mig Welder Models
Prima Multiarc Pulse Mig Welder Options


VIDEO:   Silicone Bronze Welding With The UltraMig 225

silicon bronze mig welding
AMH 200 Mig Welder

UltraMig 200

The UltraMig 200 is the machine for the next millennium. This MIG welder meets today's needs and tomorrow's. Ultimate control at your finger tips with a state-of-the-art touch pad panel. Programmed for three wire size for steel or aluminum. Spot and stitch weld modes. Fine tuning of wire speed and weld time. Work out of position. Synergic control on the handle allows precise adjustments while welding! Spool gun receptacle is already built in. Patented "self-compensating" wire drive system adjusts for any wire size and prevents "bird nests." Chosen for its advanced technology as major sponsor for auto body repair in world competition at the 35th (Montreal '99) and 36th (Seoul '01) International Skill Olympics.

AMH 200 Mig Welder
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