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GYS Aluminum Pulse Mig Welders

WELDING & Cutting

The GYS AUTOPULSE 220-M3 Pulse Mig / Mag Welder / 3 Drive Machine Provides Excellent Performance On Aluminum / Silicon Bronze And Steel - User Friendly Intelligent Software Provides "Ready To Go Performance" TESLA Repair Program Approved

GYS Autopulse 220-M3 Mig Welder


The MIG / MAG pulsed welder with 3 integrated wire feeders ideal for car body repairers. Equipped with a digital PFC (Power Factor Correction) the Autopulse supplies pulsed welding quality comparable to three phase products.

Designed for highest performance, the GYS Autopulse 220-M3 features multiple synergic setting which enables exceptional arc quality.

The Autopulse 220-M3 is a very versatile aluminum pulse mig welder. It has 3 welding torches for use with multiple material including Steel, Aluminium and Brazing (CuSi3/CuAl8) Enjoy increased quality & productivity in car body repair.


  • Welding processes : Standard, Pulse, Pulse in Pulse, Cold pulse and Manual.
  • Trigger modes : 2T, 4T, SPOT, DELAY and TACK function.
  • Precise control over the welding cycle : CreepSpeed, Softstart, Hotstart, Upslope,
  • Downslope, Crater Fill, Post gas, etc.

  • 2 specific compartments isolate and prevent cross contamination of the aluminum wire.
  • steel wire Ø 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm (upper compartment n ° 1)
  • stainless steel wire Ø 0.8 / 1.0 mm (upper compartment n ° 1)
  • aluminum wire Ø 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 (lower compartment n ° 2)
  • CuSi and CuAl wire Ø 0.8 / 1.0 mm (upper compartment n ° 1)
  • 4 microprocessors to give four times the processing power.
  • 3 wheel drive system with 2 active drive rolls.
  • Up to 3 wire reels of Ø 200 mm accepted.
  • Automatic torch detection while pulling the trigger.
  • Balancing arm with torch support (x3) and welding helmet holder
  • Push pull torch compatabilty (24V)
  • Spool Gun compatability (ideal for soft wire(AlSi5 / AlSi12).

SIMPLIFIED WELDING through ultrafast Intelligent software processing
  • 57 (Adjustable) synergic curves ensure an outstanding weld for a large range of
 materials, wire sizes, material thickness and gas.
  • The fully synergic mode calculates the optimal welding parameters automatically, this can also be adjusted manually, ideal for car-body applications with thin sheet materials.

  • Brand new Interface which has been simplified and centralized with car-body repairer
      technician operational habits.
  • Large color screen for simple control of the weld cycle settings.
  • 2 control knobs and 4 keys for simple and intuitive navigation of the menus.
  • Machine and synergies easily updated by USB key.
  • Save up to 500 welding programs for repetitive tasks.

  • Built solid reinforced structure.
  • Frame supports 2 bottles (2x4m3) with low loading height.
  • Fastest Grab & Go torches and start welding features.
autopulse 220-M3 aluminum pulse mig welder
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