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Nitro Cell Plastic Welders

WELDING > Nitrogen Plastic Welder

"Choose The Perfect Plastic Welder To Enhance
Your Shop Capabilities and Profits"  

HUGE polyvance price drop On All Welders
6085 Nitro Fuzer
The Ultimate 6080-CG
Polyvance Nitrogen Plastic Welders Offer Three Options To Choose

A model & price for any shop budget - One is right for you.
From the Ultimate 6080-CG that produces it's own Nitrogen and includes every option
to the 6085-C and Economical 6080 - You suppply the Nitrogen.

All systems sold are supported with Free in shop training by Polyvance personel and Polyvance's outstanding tech support.
Check out the models for the one that will meet your shops requirements.

Polyvance Nitrogen Plastic Welders      

Call For Free Consultation And Latest Offers   305-793-9503

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