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American Freedom Frame Machine
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Auto Body Frame Machine

Frame Machines

The American Freedom Frame Machines And Star A Liner Frame Racks
Are 100% Made In The USA With American Steel And Certified Welders.

Our Auto Body Shop Equipment Is Featured On "Metoree"
A product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers

USA Made Frame Racks Starting At $18,695
This is the very popular American Freedom
20ft x 88in wide frame rack. Quality Construction Beyond Compare.

american freedom frame pulling machine      Frame Rack Made in the USA

This is the most popular frame machine in America...

The GT Frame Rack starts at 20ft and has a wider deck of 92"

2 - 3 or 4 tower options are available

The American Freedom GT Frame Rack For Larger Vehicles

american freedom GT frame pulling machine     Frame Rack Made in the USA
Are you located in truck country? Then this is the frame machine for you.

Notable Quote
“If you need a machine and don’t buy it,
you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”
- Henry Ford -

The American Freedom MAXX is available in a 22ft and 24ft long version. Features a powerful Tri-Lift configuration and a super wide platform of 96" with a lifting power of 15,000 lbs. Tackle larger trucks with ease, confidence and multiple pulling power.

"American Freedom MAXX" For The BIG Jobs

American Freedom MAXX Frame Machine Information      Equipment Made in the USA

The Features And Quality You Want
The Economical American Freedom - Tilt Air Frame Machine

information for the american freedom tilt rack      Machines are Made In The USA
The economical air operated "TILT" version shares many features of the American Freedom
while keeping cost low
Star A Liner Cheetah 360
Available in 15ft to 24ft versions

88" - 92" Wide Deck

The Star-A-Liner Cheetah has earned its place as the #1 Economy frame rack
in  America for over 35 years.

information for the star a liner cheetah 360 car body puller    Machines are Made In The USA

Amazing Technology And Superior Quality by GYS

AIRFIX Draw Aligner - The Uniquely Designed Patented Dent Repair Power Post
Needs No Floor Anchors - Seals Itself To The Shop Floor With Air Suction Technology

In Stock - Ready To Ship.

Enjoy Auto Body Repair In Areas Of Your Shop That Have No Floor Anchors

Buy Now! Call Us For Pricing And Placing Your Order At 305-793-9503

Learn more details of the GYS Air Fix Pull Post With Video

"Pure Genius" The CMO Electro Power Push Pull Auto Body Repair System.
It's like having a frame machine in your hand.
5 Tons of convenient battery-powered technology at your command.
Repair car bodies with the push of a button.

learn more about the electro power tool

A Frame Machine In Your Hand
Easy On - Easy Off - Super Shop Production

Everyone Should Have A Quick Repair Bay For Fast Easy On Easy Off Repairs.

The Star A Liner Floor System Delivers The Best Production Options At An Affordable Price.

Star A Liner Floor Mounted Auto Body & Frame Puller

Click Machine For More Details
BL-29C Pulling Post - by Body Loc

Advanced Engineering Pulling Post
With Diamond Design Technology

  • 14" Inch Ram For Less Chain Slack

  • Cycle Repeatability For Infinite Chain Travel

  • Floating Design For Easy Mobility

Learn More About The Body Loc BL-29C Pulling Post                           

Best Truck Frame Anchor System

Customers also searched for an Industry Approved truck frame anchor system. The BL-77D is our highly recommended vise clamp system that offers the most versatility and highest value and is recommended by Ford and other manufacturers.

The Body Loc BL-77D and BL-77D-CH Frame Clamps are available for Any brand frame machine.

Learn More about the body loc truck frame clamps
Pro Combo Tool Board Package $6,375
"PRO Combo" All The Way Auto Body Pulling Clamps Package $6,375
The "PRO COMBO" Auto Body Tool Board Combination package combines an assortment of accessories that are most needed for sheet metal and frame repairs.

Note: Auto Body Repair Tool Board Prices Do Not Include Shipping Charge.

Economical 10 Ton Swivel Auto Body Puller
click for swivel body puller information
Every shop needs a secondary pulling method to stay profitable
It is self contained, so no floor anchors are needed
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