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RIVMAX Auto Body Self Piercing Riveting Repair Station by Dent Fix

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns
RIVMAX Riveting Repair Station

The Most Complete - Feature Packed - Self-Piercing Riveting Repair Station Is Here!

RIVMAX Riveting Repair Station by Dent Fix
Watch the Rivmax Video Walkthrough
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Dent Fix RIVMAX DF-SPR70DX Riveting Repair Station. The Ultimate Mobile Riveting Repair Workstation

Experience the convenience of our comprehensive toolset, designed to simplify riveting repairs. Our all-in-one bundled setup ensures that you have everything you need right at the work site. No more time wasted searching for tools or making multiple trips back to the toolbox.

With the RIVMAX, Bundled package, you get the highest money-saving value of any riveting repair station on the market. This allows us to pass on a big discount for you. Call Us at 305-793-9503 to learn more.

Organization is a Top Priority with the RIVMAX Riveting Station

We understand the importance of having a designated place for each tool. The thoughtfully designed foam inserts keep your tools and rivets neatly arranged, preventing clutter and making it easy to locate what you need. Additionally, the lockable cart provides secure storage, giving you peace of mind knowing your tools are protected.

FYI: Do you find this auto-body riveting solution interesting?
Improved Functionality And Riveting Performance

When it comes to functionality, the RIVMAX delivers. The scissor top lid reveals a spacious work area, providing ample room for riveting tasks. It even includes a specially designed cradle to safely rest the SPR riveter when it's not in use, keeping it within reach and ready for action.

FYI: At The Heart Of The RIVMAX SPR Riveting Repair Station Is
GYS Self Piercing Rivet Gun

A Great Bundle Value

At the heart of the RIVMAX is the DF-SPR70 SPR 10-Ton Riveter by GYS, renowned for its power and reliability. To enhance your riveting experience, we've bundled it with a selection of optional accessories including the Ford Die Set, Medium Sized Arm, Award Winning Blind Rivet Adapter, Rivet Assortment Kits, and more. This bundled version offers exceptional value, saving you money compared to purchasing each component separately. Watch The Video Walkthrough to see everything you get.

The RIVMAX Riveting Repair Station Is Your "Total Riveting Solution"
With The Highest Return On Investment

Experience the convenience, power, organization, and security of the RIVMAX, the ultimate mobile riveting workstation. Say goodbye to scattered tools and inefficiency. Invest in the Dent Fix RIVMAX and revolutionize your riveting process.
Financing Is Available Call: 305-793-9503

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