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GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

Two new GYSPRESS Self Piercing rivet guns have been added to our popular riveter series

GYSPRESS 10T & 10T Push Pull Self-Piercing Rivet Guns
"Ten Tons, Gets The Job Done"

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Gyspress SPR Gun/Self Piercing Rivet Gun
GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun
The GYSPRESS 10T Provides The Power & Speed Adjustments Required To Achieve Safe And Factory Looking Results
Gyspress 10T Aluminum Self Piercing Rivet Gun
Precision Speed Control
Dent Fix DF-SPR70 - 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun
Pressure Control
GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun Pressure Controller
Large Pressure Release Arm
self piercing rivet gun for sale
*Access to precision pressure and speed control is right on the self-piercing rivet gun.
*Ergonomically engineered handle and lightweight balanced design makes for a great user experience.
*That's why It is our #1 customer favorite SPR Riveting Machine.

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The GYSPRESS Riveter Kits are equipped with everything you need to be compliant
with all self-piercing riveting procedures

Notable Quote
“If you need a machine and don’t buy it,
you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”
- Henry Ford -

Included Accessories For All Riveters
GYSPRESS 10T - 8T Rivet Gun Included Accessories
Included Accessories With All Riveters
"Good Equipment Pays" - "It Doesn't Cost"
Your search for the Best SPR riveter offering the highest return on investment
 "Ends Here"!
The included kit consists of the following components for Aluminum and Steel car body repair.

  • 5.3mm & 3.3mm Dies for Ford Trucks / BMW and many other vehicles.
  • 1- Rivet removal die
  • 1- Hole punch for flow form rivets.
  • 2- Die Keys
  • 1- Strap  
  • 1- HR1S Arm - 44mm 360 Degree Rotational
  • 1- Arm Handle
  • 6 sizes of rivets 50ea = 300 Total  
  • 1- Special Center Punch
  • Plus 1- Standard Die Kit 3.3mm & 5.3mm for rivet extraction and insertion.

*Optional Rivet Die Kits are available for BMW / Jaguar / Land Rover / VW / Audi / Mercedes Benz / Tesla and More.
*You will Never be without the proper dies to conform to any OEM procedures on any vehicle in the world.

User-Friendly Engineered Excellence Has Earned The GYSPRESS Riveters World-Wide
Reputation As The Category Leading Riveting Systems.

5 star rating from Ryan's Collision Center
High Quality, Easy To Use, Fixed Lots of Ford Trucks, Happy With Purchase
Ryan's Collision Center - Rome GA.  Billy
5 star rating for the GYSPRESS 10T Riveter

Watch The GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Riveter Video

The GYSPRESS 10T & 10T Push Pull SPR Riveters are the latest advancements
of the most popular industry-standard self-piercing rivet gun systems.

Ten Tons Force provides the user with the ultimate advantage in any aluminum or steel
car body panel replacement.

Many Customers tell us they are using SPR rivets with bonding material instead of spot welding
whenever they can and Love the finished results, and no rust worries are a big plus.

Developed with the user in mind, the GYS 10T riveter offers a lightweight
ergonomically balanced design with full 360-degree rotational positioning of the C-Arm
for easy access to difficult-to-reach areas.

GYSPRESS 10T Push Pull Riveter / Ford Approved Self Piercing Rivet Gun
The Push Pull Riveter option adds an extra layer of convenience for those shops using Flow Form Rivets and punching holes with the rivet guns. Smooth operation in both directions provides a great user experience.  
2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.


Watch The Videos
FYI - If you are not familiar with the process of SPR riveting
Your Success Is Knowledge - Now Go Get It.
Low Rate Financing / Simple & Easy
Financing with low rates is available with special terms
No payments for three months / No money down

Why Wait? The riveter will produce profits and pay for itself quickly.

GYSPRESS 10T Push Pull Riveter Workstation

Check out the state-of-the-art Computerized GYSPRESS 10T self-piercing riveting workstation.
Cutting Edge Technology guides the technician step by step in setting up the riveter exactly how the car manufacturer requires. Provides printable documentation. "Very Smart"
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