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Single Phase Spot Welder - Prima Punta Plus

WELDING & Cutting
When our customers need a Spot Welder but don't have 3 Phase electrical service in their shop
We've Got The Solutions...

PRIMA Punta Plus Single Phase Spot Welders  
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Punto Plus Spot Welder Articulated Arm Extended
The PRIMA Punta Plus is the only 220V 50 Amp single phase liquid cooled spot welder of its kind.

  • The only spot welder in the world with an Articulated Arm for Zero Gravity weight reduction.
  • Easiest user-friendly single-phase spot welder on the market.
  • Liquid cooling from inside the machine to the very welding electrode tips.
  • Best cycle time - you will continue welding when non-liquid-cooled welders get too hot and need
      to shut down to cool. A Real Production Time Killer...
  • Set of 5 SB3 Liquid Cooled welding arms are included.
  • 13,000 amps at the welding tips.
  • 1,232 Lbs Squeeze Force.
  • Made In Italy.

Watch the Prima Punta Plus Video With Articulated Zero Gravity Arm
The only feature of its type in the world

The PRIMA SPOT 100 Liquid Cooled Spot Welder

The lighter duty Liquid Cooled 220V - 50 Amp electrical service Single Phase Spot Welder

Complete set of five SB3 liquid cooled welder arms
These SB3 Liquid Cooled Arms Are Included With Single Phase Welders

Prima Spot 100 Spot Welder
Impressive Specifications / Honda And Others Approved

  • Spot / Spotter Liquid Cooling
  • Active Power 9,500 AMPS
  • Single Phase 230/50 amp
  • Clamping Force 560 daN (1,232 Lbs Squeeze Pressure) at 8 Bars
  • Pneumatic Gun
  • Liquid Cooled Cables Lg=2 mt / 150mmq
  • SB3 Liquid Cooled Arms
  • Capacity mm 2.5+2.5

Please Call For Pricing And Availability.

Financing is available with Low Rates and very flexible terms like
No money down and No payments for 3 months

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