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Spectratek Overhead Track Paint Drying System

Paint Curing Lamps
Spectratek Overhead Infrared paint curing system

AMH Spectrateck Overhead Infrared / UV Paint Curing System
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Spectratek Overhead Paint Curing System Electrical Specifications
Spectratek Overhead Paint Curing System Specifications
Spectratek Overhead Paint Curing System BMW KIA Factory Collage
Watch The Overhead Track Paint Curing System Video
It Covers The Total Vehicle Completely

Photos of Spectratek / Spectratherm Infrared & Ultraviolet Overhead Track Installations at
Auto Manufacturing Plants Around The World

Spectratek Factory Installations at BMW, Audi, Volkswagen
Prep Station Installation

Expert Evaluation:
The Spectratek / Spectratherm SPT4000TS & SPT8000TS Overhead Infrared Short Wave Paint and or Ultraviolet UV Paint Curing System is the ultimate set up to achieve never before attainable paint production throughput in your collision repair facility.

What has taken hours to cure is reduced to minutes. AMH Canada has dominated the worldwide market with this excellent engineered product designed for the highest levels of automotive and industrial paint curing production while providing uncluttered convenience.

Available in IR / UV or in combination of both. The Spectratek Infrared Overhead Curing lamp array sports a motorized robotic arm that allows easy push button positioning of the curing elements. The Spectratek Overhead Paint Curing System has become The "Cadillac of the Industry" throughout the world.

Set up your Spectratek overhead IR/UV paint curing system with multiple lamp heads to achieve either 4000 - 8000 or 1600 watts of computer controlled paint curing power. With monitoring of distance, time, ramp time, and audible alerts and so much more offers you A "No Fear" Computerized Paint Curing Experience like never before attainable. Set it and walk away with total confidence. Call for a free consultation.

The Spectratherm Overhead Track System was specifically designed to maximize vehicle throughput. Utilizing the Short Wave Infra-Red curing process, it combines; lamps, unique reflectors, lamp array, and a Thermal Integrated Sensor System (TISS) to significantly reduce standard curing and drying times.

The Short Wave Infra-Red curing heads are suspended from an overhead track system, freeing up valuable floor space. An "easy glide" bridge assembly makes positioning the curing heads on any vehicle panel effortless. The articulating arm can position the array as low as 9 inches off the shop floor or raise it above the tallest SUV.

The innovative track design and its cable carrier allow the track system to span multiple bays. There are no electric cables dragging along or cluttering up the floor.

Various options are available, Overhead Track, Floor or Ceiling mount or a combination of both.
Free Consultation and Custom Design Support Is Cheerfully Given.

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We are Authorized AMH Canada Distributors for Spectratek, Spectratherm, Compuspot, Ultramig, Blue Boy Benders, AlumAtech Aluminum Repair Station - CSA & CE Approvals - CSA CE & CCC Approvals
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