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Spectratek Overhead UV IR LED Curing System

Paint Curing Lamps

Overhead Track Infrared / UV Rapid Paint Curing System by AMH - Spectratek

Spectratek Overhead Infrared paint curing system

Spectratek / Spectratherm Overhead Track Paint Curing System was specifically designed to maximize vehicle throughput. Utilizing the Short Wave Infra-Red curing process, it combines; High quality lamps, unique reflectors, computerized lamp arrays, and a Thermal Integrated Sensor System (TISS) to significantly reduce standard curing and ramp drying times.

There is no maneuvering of portable floor systems between tightly spaced work bays, eliminating any fear of accidental
vehicle damage. The innovative "Easy Glide" track design and its cable carrier allow the track system to span multiple bays. There are no electric cables dragging along or cluttering up the floor.

The Short Wave Infra-Red curing heads are suspended from an overhead track system, freeing up valuable floor space.
An "easy glide" bridge assembly makes positioning the curing heads on any vehicle panel effortless. The motorized articulating arm can position the array as low as 9 inches off the shop floor or raise it above the tallest SUV.

Various options are available, floor mount, ceiling mount or a combination of both.
Create the paint facility everyone will be talking about for much less than you think.
Your paint shop production will soar as well as your profits

Watch The Overhead Track Paint Curing System Video
It Covers The Total Vehicle Completely

Photos of Spectratek / Spectratherm Infrared & Ultraviolet Overhead Track Installations at
Auto Manufacturing Plants Around The World

Spectratek Factory Installations at BMW, Audi, Volkswagen
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