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GYSpot pti-s7
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GYSPOT PTI-S7 Inverter Evolution "Smart" Spot Welder

WELDING & Cutting
GYSPOT Inverter Evolution PTI-S7

The Advanced Auto-Set "Smart" Spot Welder

Car Manufacturer Approvals & Compliance
GM - Ford - Tesla - Jeep - Mercedes - KIA - Nissan - Renault - Jaguar
Smart - Hyundai

Gyspot PTI-s7 Spot Welder

The GYSPOT Inverter Evolution PTI-s7 Spot Welding System Provides A Lighter
User Friendly Pincer Gun - Keeps Technicians Happy With Less Fatigue.

• Advanced Liquid Cooled C clamp System for all types of metal work
• Lightweight clamp is easy to handle : Weight 10 kg
• Clamp cable length of 6 meters for ultimate convenience
• Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
• Remote control on the clamp for ease of use

The Gyspot PTI-s7 Evolution Spot Welder is the ideal solution to the welding requirements
of high strength steels (UHSS/boron), with a clamping force of 550daN with 8bars air pressure,
and a welding current that can reach 14,500 Amps.
The C-Clamp integrates a high-tech transformer offering an answer to limited
power supply issues, it can operate with 40 Amps fuses only.

Operating the welder is extremely easy thanks to the automatic
welding parameters being set in AUTO-SET mode.

Rating 5 Stars by BBS Repair
We are very happy with our GYS PTI s-7 spot welder and service provided by Pro Line!
Bran Stojanovic - BBS Repair, Griffith IN
5 Stars Rated by Bran Stojanovic BBS Repair

• Electrode Force :

- Electrode force control
- Digital display of the actual electrode arms force
- Electrode force: 550 daN with 8 bars = over 1,200 Lbs
- Liquid-cooled arms up to the tips for great cycle times

• Welding Current :

- High welding current 14,500 A (230 V)
- Sound alert if the welding current is too low
- Constant current control for precision operation
- Low electrical consumption
- GLUE mode: for welding sheets with glue or other coatings
• AUTO MODE: Automatic Setting Of Welding Parameters.
• 7 modes available to answer the requirements of all end users.

Print Documentable Conformity Reports
• Record on SD card all aspects of each spot weld performed.
• Print reports on any PC showing the conformity / quality of all
 spot welds performed.

"Spot 7" Auto-Set Technology Benefits

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