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CMO Aluminum Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

CMO - FORD Self Piercing Rivet Gun

The Professional CMO RV/01/N Car Body Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit Features Quality
European Engineering, Outstanding Value And Highest Return On Investment.
"Two Tools In One Kit" Performs Self Piercing And Blind Riveting At No Extra Cost.

CMO Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit
This Is The FORD CMO RV/01/N Standard Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit
includes everything Now Including The Blind Rivet Tool Required On FORD Trucks
110mm arm is includedIncludes The Standard 110mm C-Arm And Die Sets In Sizes For FORD Riveting
you get punches for rivet removal is included Includes Punches For Rivet Removal The CMO Mobile Cart Is in Package Includes the Mobile Cart
Everything For FORD Aluminum Trucks Is Included And Ready To Start
Making You Money At Minimum Investment.
The *Optional 220mm C-Arm Is Available For Long Reach

The Standard Kit Price Is $4,497
Wheeled Storage Cart for the CMO Rivet Gun Parts

The CMO SPR System Includes the Deluxe Wheeled Mobile Cart
Everything is conveniently in it's place and easily moved around the shop.

CMO Riveter Included Accessories

The Standard FORD Riveter Package Includes these Items
And Now... The Blind Rivet Tool Is included

This product represents our customer commitment
to make expensive equipment affordable.

Pick up the phone and order you riveter


The Ford Ready RV/01/Plus/N Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit Includes
The Standard 110mm C-Arm, Plus The Blind Rivet Tool
*Shown With Optional 220mm C-Arm
*The Pressure Gauge Is Now Located On The Air Pump

Complete Ford F-150 Self Piercing Rivet Gun With Large Arms
*Shown With Optional 220mm C-Arm
Please Note: The Pressure Gauge Is Now Located On The Pump

RV/01/Plus Riveter for Ford

220mm C-Arm

For Longer Reach
The *Optional 220mm C-Arm
Is Available
Blind Rivet Tool
The Blind Rivet Tool Is A
"Big Bonus"
Now Included At "No Extra Cost"
The CMO RV/01PLUS/N Ford Ready Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit Includes
the 110mm Arm and Blind Rivet Tool With Convenient Wheeled Mobile Cart

Die Kits for many different Domestic & Foreign vehicles are available

Learn About Available Low Rate
       FINANCING Options
                    Click here for rivet tool financing   Financing For Rivet Gun

Plan Ahead - Be Ready - Don't wait until your first job comes In and put yourself in a panic mode.
Be Assured Our CMO Car Body Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit Is A True Value Priced Quality Machine.

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