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Eclipse Electronic Measuring System

Measuring Systems

Become An Amazing Repair Facility With The New
"Eclipse Plus" Laser Measuring System

Eclipse Electronic Measuring eclipse electronic Laser measuring system

Finally! A Laser Electronic Measruring System That Performs As It's Actually Supposed To...

Complete System
With Exclusive AUTO LEVELING Scanner  And Free Online Interactive Training

3D Software  •  12 Intelligent Targets  •  Full Set of AlumiMag Attachments  •  Upper Body Measuring System  •  Wireless Internet Ready  •  Web based or in shop training  •  First year data included  •  Quarterly Data Updates  •  1 Year warranty on AMS components  •  Constant calibration for accurate readings  •  32 Foot Measuring Envelope  •  4x per second updates - A Measuring System Beyond Compare

Eclipse Screenshots

On Site Factory Training by Our Expert Trainer Is Included

The Most Notable Advancement In Electronic Measuring In Decades

Simply The Best Measuring Choice
The Eclipse Plus Laser Electronic Measuring System Is the most Notable Advancement in electronic measuring the collision repair industry has experienced in decades.

Laser Technology with advanced algorithm software as used in the Aerospace Industry is infused into many areas of this top level automotive measuring system.

Although the Eclipse Electronic Measuring System has become the most technically advanced measuring system of it's category it has maintained it's very easy to use reputation.

In fact it is so easy to use, it is equipped to connect over internet to our training department for first class live tech support and training. Customers can log on to the Eclipse training session and interact "Live" with the trainer as he instructs visually how to use the measuring system or even remotely operate the system.

This exclusive interactive training and support comes Free at no charge with the purchase of the Eclipse Electronic Measuring System, all yours whenever it is needed.                  

USA Made Technology Watch The Eclipse Video

eclipse laser scanner
The Most Advanced Auto Leveling
Laser Scanner
To Date

The Exclusive Polar Scanner samples 360 degrees, it calibrates on every sweep @ 4 times per second. The Scanner can be placed in any location under the vehicle or shot from the side.
Years in Development, Tested and Proven in Aircraft Manufacturing and Collision Repair, the Laser Scanner surpasses all other measuring technology and is the new "Industry Standard" of electronic measuring for the collision repair industry.
The Eclipse Laser Scanning Technology Promotes Your Shop To The Highest Level Of Professionalism

Live Communicating Target Stems Intelligent Stems
7 Length Stems contain a micro-possessor that communicates with the target.
Change stems any time without having to update the system manually.
The software does the hard work for you.

Simplicity Rules!
Provides much less learning - Data entry - Less frustration and confusion... More time spent making profits!

Intelligent Targets

Eclipse Laser Scanning Live Targets

The Eclipse Electronic Measuring System utilizes exclusive "Live Targets" with verification lights which inform the technician all systems are go and when all frame corrections have been properly restored.
The exclusive "Live Target" Technology delivers unparalleled measurement accuracy. Each sweep of the laser precisely locates each target which then sends the measurements by radio transmission to the advanced software.
"Live Targets" Automatically recognize attached stem length, preventing errors and saving time.
Advanced technology allows every target to be utilized in any position under the car.
Dynamic targets show RED, YELLOW, or GREEN color lights to indicate severity of damage and will react during the pulling process as measurements change and show all green when vehicle is restored to proper measurements.

Eclipse Laser Measuring LogoView Eclipse Brochure

Precision Hole Attachments
Magnetic Bolt Head Adapters
Precision Target Adapters attach easily to reference points with one hand

Bolt Attachments fit precisely over bolt heads for

accurate measurements

                                       Uni-Fit Adapters

Uni-Fit Adapters

  • Perfect for Use On Aluminum Frames Or Any Non Metallic Material
  • Adapts Easily To Reference Holes Up To 40mm
  • Adapts to Oval Frame Points For Precise Measuring
         Watch The Eclipse Video

 upper body measuring kit

Upper Body Measuring Bar
fast easy upper body measuring setup
Included With Eclipse Laser
Measuring System

Each drawer is equipped with precision components to get your printout
in your hands faster than any other measuring system.

Main Drawer Precision Components

Intelligent Target Stems And Adapters

Exclusive Live Targets Communicate With You

Jimmy Doc Fulton of Budd Bear Chevrolet

Jimmy "DOC" Fulton
Of  the many, MANY, measuring systems I have had my hands on at our dealership in the last  38 years, the ECLIPSE measuring system IS by far the MOST user friendly, the MOST accurate and FASTEST measuring system of them all,
bar  NONE ! Read More.

Seeing Is Believing - These Videos Are The Real Deal ...
Watch Mark Worman Of The Discovery Channel's Graveyard Carz Using The Eclipse At His Shop.

Totally Awesome!
Show The Eclipse Video

Special Note
Our Team Makes It Simple To Purchase The Equipment You Need To Be Successful And Profitable
The Eclipse Electronic Measuring System can be in your shop in a matter of days, building your reputation and working hard producing quality repairs and documentation that backs you up in earning every labor hour you deserve.

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