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DJS Car Parts Rack
Specialty Tools > DJS Car Parts Rack

The DJS Car Parts Rack Is The High Quality - High Value Car Parts Rack
And First Choice Of Collision Repair Facilities Around The World.

car parts rack
DJS Car Parts Rack
DJS Car Parts Rack - Effective - Tightly Stackable Space Saving Design
Just $369.95 to organize your shop
Lean out your processing and cycle time by keeping car parts in one place
Folding and stackable, these car parts racks take up less shop space than
any other parts racks of similar design
The Ultimate Organizer

DJS Car Parts Rack Features

  • Shelf Dimensions 2x4ft
  • Balanced for holding a hood on rear
  • Spring loaded shelves stay in up position without ties
  • Includes 3 hooks to hold hood, fenders etc.
  • Shelf mesh is smaller to prevent fall through of small parts
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Great price
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