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Plasma Cutter - Easycut 40 by GYS

WELDING & Cutting

GYS Easycut 40 Plasma Cutter For Precise Cutting Of Metals In The Auto Body Shop

GYS Easycut 40 Plasma Cutter
The GYS Easycut 40 plasma cutter with inverter technology provides smooth quiet cutting of all electrically conductive material at a great price.

Ultra compact (8 kg) the EASYCUT 40 is a plasma cutter with a HF-free starting voltage, perfect for cutting all types of metal up to 20 mm thick. With a power output of 40 Amps, it excels in precision cutting at low intensity. Ideal for use in workshop or auto body shop, the EASYCUT 40 has great portability and cutting performance providing a great user experience.
Increase shop production and quality with precision controlled inverter plasma cutting technology
by the most recognized worldwide brand you can trust - GYS
Easycut 40 plasma cutter control panel
Intuitive control panel.
Manual adjustment of the air pressure (2.5 < 6.5 bar) with a helpful bargraph on the front panel for easy setup.
Automatic torch detection. HF-free ignition to prevent disturbances that could damage nearby electronic equipment. 230V Single Phase. Air separater / Regulator is included.

Effective precision cutting:
Air cooled torch & body for high arc stability and duty cycle. Ergonomic handle provides comfort and ease of use. Built in quality shock and heat resistance. Quick torch connection / disconnection, no tools required.

plasma cutter optional accessories
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Hi Performance / Safe - Inverter Plasma Cutter Technology
At A Great Price

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