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Self Piercing Rivet Gun Compuspot RG500

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

The CompuSpot RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Station Is A Category Winner.

Compuspot RG500 Aluminum Self Piercing Rivet Gun
Compuspot RG500 rivet gun accessories
A full set of various sizes of Rivet Dies and Punches for SPR riveting and Rivet Removal are all included, as well as punches for hole punching when Flow Form Rivets are required.

The RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun enables self piercing riveting procedures on any steel or aluminum vehicle including the Ford F-150 & F-250 all Aluminum or Steel body pick up trucks and cars.

No Stripped Down Kit Here.
You Get All these Punches And Dies For Almost Any Vehicle That Comes To Your Shop. The rivet gun is crafted from Steel And Aluminum for a true industrial grade system that will be trouble free for years
The mobil cart keeps everything conveniently in one place ready to move to the next job
SPR Punches & Dies Included With Kit for Auto Body Repair
Watch The RG500 Self Piercing Riveter Video
Compuspot RG500 Video Demo

  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic operating system... 8 out of 10 shops prefer a hydraulic SPR operating system
  • You'll have No battery problems to deal with, rivet all day without running out of battery power in the middle of a riveting & bonding procedure.
  • Batteries wear out and are expensive and quickly become difficult to hold a full charge

This is what a quality self piercing rivet gun should offer you.

  • Self Piercing Riveting enables the joining of 2 or more layers of material without the necessity of drilling holes, providing continual operation no matter how many rivets are needed to do the job.
  • Be able to punch holes for Flow Form Riveting.
  • The Compuspot RG500 is a Cold SPR riveting tool with better than OEM Specifications  Priced hundreds Less..
  • Use it on all Aluminum or Steel body vehicles both foreign and domestic.
  • The RG500 Rivet Gun and Rivet Remover offers outstanding performance of precision adjustable pressure.

The Gun is made entirely of steel and aluminum
won't ever crack like plastic SPR products...

  • Designed to be used on Aluminum, Plastic, Composite & Steel

   (HLE, THLE, UHLE, Boron etc.)

  • Can be used for rivet removal.
  • Use on Ford F-150 / F-250 / BMW / AUDI or any foreign or domestic aluminum or steel body automobile.

  • Does not generate heat. Does not damage or cause weakening of metal.

  • Types of compatible rivets: Self Piercing and flow-form.

  • Joining force adjustable from 20 to 65kN (4,500 to 14,600lbf) depending upon the rivet size.

  • Maximun operating pressure: 700bar (10,000PSI).

  • Always maintains proper operating force.

  • No expensive batteries that wear down, need replacing, or go dead in the middle of a job.

  • Unique One Of A Kind Design offers features and pricing in a Category all it's own... A True Industrial Grade Self Piercing Riveting System.

call for self piercing rivet gun price   305-793-9503  Free Consultation

RG500 SPR Riveting Station Technical Spec's

  • Pneumatic pressure: 2.5 - 7bar (36 - 100PSI)
  • Hydraulic pressure: 250 - 700bar (3,600 - 10,000PSI)
  • Clamping force: 20 - 65kN (4,500 - 14,600lbf)
  • Clamping stroke: 25.4mm (1in) Outside diameter of the cylinder: 51mm (2in) Cylinder weight: 4 - 6kg (9 -13lbs)
  • Sound level: 70dba
  • Trolley dimensions (Lx lx h): 470x 356x 864mm (18-1/2"x 14"x 34")

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