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Allvis Measuring System

Measuring Systems

ALLVIS Electronic Measuring System "Printouts Without The High Cost"

ALLVIS Car Measuring System
Produce Damage Reports And Perfect Repairs At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Measuring Systems

Watch The ALLVIS measuring Video
ALLVIS Measuring System on car

Allvis measuring systems are based on new technologies both in hardware and software. The effective and extremely accurate measuring device, in combination with a flexible and easy program, gives you a cost-effective measuring system of world class performance where Simplicity Rules!

The Allvis measuring system provides all the capabilities and features as the Allvis Light 2D Measuring System. Moreover, you also achieve the benefit of 3D measuring and documenting of chassis height measurements, which means all the three XYZ dimensions are provided for Perfect Repairs...

With the Allvis measuring system you can now provide a professional "damage analysis and repair verification report" to your insurance companies and customers which will build confidence in your business and get you every labor hour you deserve.

simplicity in vehicle measuring
ALLVIS 3D Measuring System in case
Advantages & Benefits                       JNE Sweeden LogoHighly Recommended allvis 3D electronic Measuring System
  • Short start-up time
  • Simple and quick before and after measurement of the vehicle.
  • Documents before and after measurements with a professional printout.
  • Ability to save documents on your computer for later recall.

  • Continuous update of new models and dimensions in the database.
  • Use it Anywhere you need it, on the frame rack, lift, estimating area or on the parking lot.                            

  • Measurement reports are easy to understand and will support getting every labor hour deserved.
  • The program does not require Internet access, the database is stored locally on your computer.
  • Unique and patented self centering magnetic attachment allows quick measuring by only one person.
                    Watch The ALLVIS Video
Computerized Electronic Measuring System
Technician Using Allvis 3D Measuring System
Allvis Measuring System accessories Close Up
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