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EZ Frame Clamp Universal Sadl Truck System

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This is the EZ Clamp Sadl System
The Most Versatile Truck Holding System Available. The EZ Frame Clamp Sadl System will attach and hold any truck on practically any frame machine in existence. No need to have separate holding systems for each brand of frame rack you own. The Unique design and full set of universal adapters will save you infinite amounts of repair time and thousands in savings. Car O Liner Customers enjoy several options with the versatile EZ Frame Clamp System.
Car O Liner frame machine owners are welcome to a free consultation on how to benefit by the EZ Frame Clamp system on Car-O-Liner Machines. We will save you many repair hours through the easy and fast set-up procedure, provide better pricing then any OEM.  
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EZ Clamp Sad'l System
EZ Frame Clamp Saddl System On Car-O-Liner Frame Machine - Set Up Fast & Easy
EZ Frame Clamp Set Up For Ford F-150 On Car-O-Liner Machine - Ready To Hold Frame & Body
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