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American Freedom Frame Machine
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American Freedom Frame Machine

Frame Machines

The American Freedom is a true auto body technician's dream frame machine.
Engineered with all the features that are top on the list of must have qualities.
The American Freedom frame machine truly has it all..

And Its All American Made.

CJ Freedom Body Straightener
American Freedom Frame Machine
*20ft model shown, available with 2, 3, or 4 towers

Frame Machine Made In The USA Editors Choice Frame Rack

Producing high-quality auto body repair equipment is the First Priority.
Up Close Features...

American Freedom Anchor Stand for an Autobody Frame Machine
The American Freedom Anchor System is a proven superior design offering full Height and Rotation capabilities for for the fastest setups and repairs ever... With 222 Tie Down Pockets - unlimited anchoring positioning is yours...This automotive frame machine is the best engineered frame rack.
Frame Puller Machine

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American Freedom Frame Machine Electric Lift

The American Freedom frame machine lifting system offers 9,900 Lbs of lifting force and adjustable heights of 12 inches to 42 inches providing a tremendous advantage over any fixed height frame machine. Tech's choose the convenient working height that best suits the type of repair and watch your technicians increase their productivity to previously unattainable levels.

American Freedom Frame Rack Corner roller view

User-friendly tower design with smooth roller bearings enables exceptionally easy tower positioning

Producing high-quality auto body repair equipment is the First Priority.

American Freedom hydraulic quick connections
Internal Plumbing provides convenient quick connect hydraulic couplers / 5 on each side
for a total of ten for convenient hookup of towers in ANY Position.

*Frame Machine Specifications:

  • Length Of Mainframe (Bed Top) 20 ft
  • Length with towers extended 24 ft 1" Inch
  • Width Of Bed 88" Inch
  • Width with towers extended 11 ft 4" Inch
  • Width of treadway 26.25" Inch
  • Opening between treadways 35.5" Inch
  • Overall Height Raised: 9ft 11 inch / Lowered 9ft 1" inch
  • Lowered Loading Height: 12" inch
  • Adjustable Working Heights:  12"inch to 42" inch  
  • Hydraulics: All Electric Or Air Over Hydraulics @ Ten Tons
  • Electrical Power Required: 120V 20Amp Dedicated power source
  • Tower configuration choice of 2 - 3 or 4 towers
  • Tie Down openings: 222
  • Lift Capacity: 9,900 Lbs
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Specifications Above Are For 20ft / 3-Tower Model

Producing high-quality auto body repair equipment is the First Priority.

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