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Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation by GYS

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

On This Page You Will Find Three Aluminum Repair Workstations
Two Complete Systems and One Basic Station by GYS Manufacturing
Starting at $3,487

Click Photos to Enlarge Detail
GYS Speedliner ALU Pro FV Aluminum Dent Repair Station
GYS SPEEDLINER COMBI 230 E. PRO Aluminum Repair Workstation


Economical Solution Only - $3,487
           GYS PROLINER ALU PRO FV Dent Puller                                

A Great Basic system you can
expand on.
Start pulling aluminum dents right away.

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GYSPRESS Option One                                              
Complete Professional & Economical Solutions
GYS Speedliner ALU PRO FV Complete Aluminum Repair Workstation
GYS Manufacturing Made In France Logo
The GYS SPEEDLINER ALU PRO FV Aluminum Repair Workstation is
an all inclusive
professional package that includes everything you need
for proper aluminum repairs without spending a fortune.
All these accessories are included with the
GYS SPEEDLINER ALU PRO FV Aluminum Repair Workstation
                                                     Arrow Pointing to GYS Speedilner dent puller

GYS Speedliner PRO FV Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation Accessories
Included Accessories - Click Accessories To Enlarge
The GYS SPEEDLINER ALU PRO FV Aluminum Dent Pulling Workstation Includes Everything pictured above. The GYS Speedliner ALU Pro FV Aluminum repair station enables dent repairs to be completed with the highest efficiency possible

It is Conveniently packaged in a complete High Quality Turn-Key Aluminum Repair Workstation
ready to make you big profits with the smallest investment.
Manufactured by GYS a worldwide provider of professional auto body collision repair equipment.

ONLY $6,450
Underline Price in Red
No Sales Tax - Friendly Tech Support
 Financing Available for the aluminum workstation              My Smart Price Savings for the GYS dent puller

The GYS SPEEDLINER ALU PRO FV is a complete dent pulling kit for ALUMINIUM, essential for repairing
small, medium and big dents using M4 M5 and M6 studs, this device allows dents to be removed in
doors, wings and bonnet etc without stripping.
Model ALU PRO FV Power supply 110/230 V Maximum output 7500A Number of gun 1 Type of gun Alu : 1 auto Gun cable 25 mm²
GYSPOT ALU PRO FV ref. 021990 - Spot 1600 trolley ref. 051348 4 Aluminium hammers ref. 020986 Set of pencil punches with 6 teflon tips ref. 052888 Levelling bar ref. 051348 Alu Puller ref. 050921 Fixation kit ref. 051362 Alu Box Standard 4 gripping multihooh ref. 048195 head ref. 049758 Mini disc sander ref. 051829 Body file ref. 051423 Thermal marking pencil ref. 052765 Infra-red Thermometer ref. 052994


GYS Speedliner dent puller Option Two

           Complete Steel & Aluminum Dent Puller / Repair Station

GYS SPEEDLINER COMBI 230 E.PRO Aluminum Repair Work Station
With The GYS SPEEDLINER COMBI 230 E.PRO ref. 036062

Your Workstation will be in constant use for Steel & Aluminum repairs providing the highest return on investment   

ONLY $8,649
No Sales Tax - Friendly Tech Support
 Finance your Aluminum Work Station         Ask about additional savings for workstation

All These Accessories Are Included
GYS Speedliner Combi 230 E Pro Aluminum Accessories
Click Accessories to Enlarge
GYS Equipment Made in France

GYS SPEEDLINER COMBI 230 E. PRO Professional Combination
"Steel and Aluminum" dent pulling station

The SPEEDLINER COMBI 230 E. PRO ALUMINUM DENT PULLING WORKSTATION - Speedliner is a complete dent pulling station, essential for repairing small, medium and big dents (sill, wheelhouse, car fenders…). Ref. 036062 • Remove dents without disassembling vehicle components • Repair without replacing • Reduce down-time • Increase profit margins  
Perform Sill straightening job: 30 mn instead of 3 h Model 39.02 39.04 PRO 230 PRO 400 COMBI 230 E PRO Power supply 230V 400V 230V 400V 230V Maximum current 3800A (Steel) / 7500A (Alu for combi 230 Pro) Number of guns 1 2 3 Gun type 1 auto 1 auto 1 manual 1 auto 1 manual 1 auto 1 manual 1 auto STEEL 1 auto ALU Gun cable 70 mm² Manual: 70 mm² Auto: 50 mm² Manual: 70 mm² Auto: 50 mm² Alu: 25 mm²
SPEEDLINER Combi 230 E PRO - ref. 036062 Spot 1600 trolley ref. 051348 3 pulling rods ref. 050792 Manuspot ref. 050679 Levelling bar ref. 050693 Levelling lever ref. 050686 Extension joints ref. 052451 Magnetic earth ref. 049666 Steel consumables ref. 051515 4 hooks claw ref. 049758 6 hooks claw ref. 049734 Alu Puller ref. 051003 Cable hanger ref. 052284 Ringmatic ref. 052154 Additive kit for Alu dent pulling ref. 050020  39.02 / 39.04  PRO 230 / 400  Combi 230 E PRO


Economical Option 3  
Start Repairing Aluminum Dents Right Away

If you already have some aluminum repair accessories this will be
an economical way to achieve a professional full functioning aluminum
repair station.
A great basic system you can expand on.

At only $3,487 it includes the Cart and basic accessories.
Item 035386  Watch the Video.

watch the proliner fv video           GYS aluminum dent repair station         


Learn About GYS

Created in 1964, GYS is a family-owned company with over 500 employees around the world. Built around continuous investment in research and development and the acquisition of knowledge, the company is now a major player in the design and manufacture of welding machines, battery chargers and car body repair equipment.

Our Products

GYS designs and manufacture three product ranges:

  • Equipment for welding. GYS offer one of the largest ranges of welding machines, accessories and consumables for all potential users, from the most advanced applications in industry to general maintenance and repair uses.
  • Equipment for battery maintenance. Manufactured in two factories, GYS offer an extremely wide range of battery charging and maintenance products. More than 50 years of production have firmly established the brand reputation of GYS around the world.
  • Equipment for car body repair. GYS offer the largest range of repair equipment in the world for vehicles involved in accidents i.e dent pulling, welding, riveting, lifting, induction heating systems (as well as many additional tools). This range has been developed in partnership with the world’s major automotive manufacturers who trust us day after day.

Our Infrastructure

  • Research & Development. With over 40 expert engineers in multiple specialities (electronic, mechanical, etc.), the R&D department delivers continuous innovation for high tech products. In 2014, GYS established an important investment by opening a new research centre to provide the best resources for our researchers to continue to develop innovative solutions and improvements. By listening to our customers and combining this information with our engineers’ expertise, GYS are able to constantly offer new products to meet user demands.
  • Complete integration of the industrial process. Visiting our manufacturing site is a surprising journey which extends through an incredibly wide range of functions (electronic, mechanical, transformer, wiring, sheet metal, painting). Our philosophy is based on the complete integration of our production process to control every detail. The factory has ISO 9001 certification and is a flexible resource enabling us to be very responsive to customer needs. The investment and continuous improvement in performance of this production facility are the back bone for our existence, we consider it the guarantee for our future competitiveness.
  • International reach. Present in over 100 countries, GYS have their head office in France and its four subsidiaries to expand its international influence. Carried by a dynamic team and an ambitious development strategy, we aim to reinforce our international collaborations and constantly conquer new territories.

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