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Auto Body Rivet Guns

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

Here is our list of the most popular self-piercing rivet gun brands

In the 1st Position Is Our Number One Customer Pick. The GYSPRESS 10T

  • Engineered and designed to be a pleasure to use all day long.
  • Ten Tons of force will penetrate anything you need it to do - including Aluminum and Boron steel.
  • Great 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Learn more about the GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun Tool And Why It Has become the
World-Wide Category Leading SPR Riveter In 2024.
As Low $6,399

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Dent Fix Rivmax Self-Piercing Riveting Repair Station

Nothing is left out of this fully equipped SPR Riveter Tool Station Bundle

  • It includes the same GYSPRESS 10T Riveter as Our Number One Seller Above, But So Much More.
  • You will breeze through Any SPR riveting job and have all the accessories to get the job done right.
  • It even includes the award-winning 600mm flexible blind rivet attachment.
  • The custom lockable trolley keeps everything safely in its place. Watch the Amazing Walkthrough Video.

AS Low As $11,449
Dent Fix Rivmax Self-Piercing Rivet Gun Station   
The GYSPESS 10T Push Pull Workstation Is The Most Advanced Computerized Assisted Self Piercing Rivet Gun  System On The Planet. Smart Updates from auto manufacturers are regularly provided to assist the operator with the latest information needed to set up the riveter for the specific job.

Fitted with a smart user interface for choosing different dies and Synergy settings, the GYSPRESS 10T Push Pull Control Workstation is the riveting station of the future, here today.

The Push-Pull system allows the machine to install all types of manufacturer-specific rivets (self-piercing rivets), Flow-Form rivets, solid rivets, etc.). The precise technical regulation of the riveting force guarantees a perfectly accurate rivet setting every time while providing printable documentation.

Call For the Latest Pricing - Several Packages Are Available  305-793-9503
learn more about the gyspress 10T SPR station

EP/RV-02 FORD Approved Rivet Gun for Ford Certified Repair
EP/RV-02 FORD Approved Rivet Gun for Ford Certified Repair
FORD Approved Collision Repair Facilities - Are required to have a CMO SPR Riveter.

  • The EP/RV-02 Battery operated SPR tool Satisfies the Ford-Approved Certified repair facility requirements in all segments.
  • It is also less expensive than most others in the Ford Approved shop program.
  • The unique RV700 will digitally record all rivets installed on a particular job with the ability to create a printout with documentation to assist with any liability concerns.

As Low As $7,499 To Be A Ford Approved Repair Facility
click here for more information about this ford approved self piercing rivet gun kit
AMH RG500 self piercing rivet gun kit

AMH RG500 SPR Riveter - Pneumatic/Hydraulic

Equipped in a Unique Style with a rolling cart that contains all riveting tools and provides easy transport to the next job. Quality Made by AMH Canada.

View the details of the rg500 riveter

Searching for a self-piercing riveter can be complicated, and there are several factors to consider.
Here are just a few things you need to know to make an educated choice.

  • Are you a certified collision repair facility by the vehicle manufacturer? Then you will need to purchase what they want you to have. Our CMO RV/EP-02 and RV700 are FORD Approved.

  • What power will the riveter produce? Today's metals are becoming stronger and more high-strength variants are on the way. This requires more force to pierce through several layers of either aluminum or steel. Auto manufacturers such as BMW and TESLA are starting to convert from spot welding to SPR in the assembly of their vehicles. Never get a riveter with less than 6.5 Tons of force, or you will not be happy at all.

Our top selling most powerful machine, the GYSPRESS 10T, Generates a huge 10 Tons Force and provides a 2-year warranty, therefore future-proofing your investment with enough power to last over the long haul.

  • What warranty comes with the rivet gun? Warranty is very important, with most manufacturers offering only 1 year. Our No.1 selling GYSPRESS 10T Rivet kit comes with a full 2-year Parts & Labor warranty.

Need More Help? You can count on Pro Line Systems to work closely with you by providing Free consultation and help direct you to the best choice. Call Giulio Valle, at 305-793-9503 for a free consultation and the best price.
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