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Dent Fix Ford Approved Aluminum Repair Station

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns
Ford has approved the ALUSPOT DF-900DX Deluxe Aluminum
Dent Repair Workstation. You get everything included in the Aluspot DF-900A Plus a Custom cabinet cover, third drawer and a dent pulling bridge.
MSRP: $7,495
Call For Your Special Pricing
/ Includes Free Shipping To Your Door  

Approved by Ford
Dent Fix Ford Approved Aluminum Repair Workstation

     check out the alumatech repair workstation

Aluminum Dent Repair Work Station

We offer choices for our customers so they can get the best products and pricing that meet their particular needs.
The Dent Fix DF-900DX Ford approved and the CompuSpot AlumAtech Reformation Center
are two superior options we offer our customers

aluminum station information

Great Option

Aluminum Bridge Dent Puller
Precision Dent Pulling Bridge is Included With the Ford Approved DF-900DX Deluxe Aluminum Work Station
Dent Fix Aluminum Puller Bar
Dent Fix Aluspot Cover
Custom Cover Is Included With the Ford Approved DF-900DX Deluxe Work Station
Dent Fix Aluspot 900DX Third Drawer
Included Third Drawer With the Ford Approved DF-900DX Deluxe Aluminum Work Station
Laser Temperature Reader
Infrared Temperature Gauge
Squeeze Type Dent Puller
Squeeze Puller
Dent Fix Aluminum Stud Welder Gun
Grounded At The Gun - Stud Gun
Aluspot 900 Accessories
Various Hammers & Dollies
Dent Fix Aluminum Stud Welding Gun In Action
Stud Gun In Action

Being a qualified collision repair facility capable of proper aluminum repairs has many benefits from satisfying your insurance company relationships to never turning away aluminum repair work again. Aluminum repairs require higher labor rates which will benefit you by a high return on investment. Aluminum will be a force all shops will need to prepare for as vechicle manufacturers implement aluminum in more complex vehicle designs.

Absolutely Everything You Need For Aluminum Dent Repair Is Included In The Ford Approved Dent Fix Aluspot DF-900DX
Each DF-900DX station includes the following:  
Inline pneumatic paint remover + stainless steel brush
Stainless-steel shoe handle brush & Stainless-steel tooth brush
Digital set temperature heat gun & Infrared temperature gauge
Capacitor discharge welder utilizing a self-contained, weld gun with ground & Alu-Magnesium & Alu-Silicon stud pins
Hand T-puller - Squeeze puller - Lever puller - Bridge puller
Body file + 350mm blade + Pick/finishing hammer + Curved pein/finishing hammer + Reverse-curve hammer + 22mm soft face hammer + 35mm dead blow hammer
Bolster-head nylon chisel & Round-head nylon chisel
Doubleend nylon dolly + Utility dolly + Double-end dolly + Thin-toe dolly + Heel dolly + Curved dolly
Extra storage (compared to the DF-900A) + Dust cover
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Compuspot Alumatech workstation

The AlumAtech Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation is now available at a Great Price
Check It Out...

Alumatech Repair Workstation

They Don't Call It The Aluminum Reformation Center For Nothing... Unbeatable Price And Quality...

learn about the aluminum dent puller

Who Likes Paying For Shipping? We Don't... So We'll Ship Your Dent Fix Aluspot DF-900DX Aluminum Repair Station For Free.
free delivery of your dent repair station
We Pay The Shipping Right To Your Door

Call Us To Place Your Order 305-793-9503 Or send us an email order your dent repair machine

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